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Eastern Province Herald (later The Herald)

Eastern Province Herald 1847 - 4 - October to December

Saturday 2 October 1847

DIED on Thursday the 28th ult, at the residence of Capt. John BOYS J.P., St.Francis Bay, William Hougham TYSSEN Esq, late Captain in HM 80th Regt, formerly of Narborough in the County of Norfolk, and late of Honeyville Farm, Gamtoos River.

DIED at Uitenhage on the 22nd ult, aged 12 months and 12 days, Jessie Paterson, daughter of Geo. E. DUNSTERVILLE Esq, District Surgeon.

Saturday 9 October 1847

The Partnership heretofore existing between the Undersigned, as Printers and Bookbinders, has been dissolved by mutual consent. The debts due to the concern in Cape Town will be paid by the first Undersigned, and those of the Port Elizabeth concern by the second Undersigned.
Cape Town,22nd Sept 1847

Saturday 16 October 1847

H.C. HALLIER begs leave to inform the inhabitants of Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Districts generally that, having returned from Cape Town, “where business of a private nature prevented his returning earlier”, he is now prepared to receive all orders for single tunings or engaged by the year. Parties who have patronised him can testify as to his ability in the above branch, he having studied under some of the first masters of the day. All verbal or written applications left at the office of this paper will be duly attended to.
H.C.H. has brought for sale a small but well selected collection of Piano Forte Music consisting in pieces, quadrilles, operatic pieces, favourite airs with brilliant variations, and also four and six tuned musical boxes and two accordions with semi-tones and instructions for the same.

MARRIED at Port Elizabeth by the Rev. F. McCleland, Sampson MIDDLETON Esq, merchant, to Janet Watson, youngest daughter of the late Henry Watson HENDERSON Esq, Graham’s Town.

By the Rev. F. McCleland AB (TCD) Colonial Chaplain
Oct 7th, Sampson MIDDLETON Esq to Miss Janet Watson HENDERSON

A daughter of Mr. H. STAINES baptised Selina Charlotte
A daughter of Mr. P. BRIGGS baptised Caroline Ann
A daughter of Mr. J.H. CLARKE baptised Anne Elizabeth

Oct 6: Grace Ann, daughter of Mr. INMAN, aged 7 months

Saturday 23 October 1847

The undersigned offers for sale 1,000 slaughter merino hamels, to be picked out of a flock of 2,500. For further particulars apply to Mr. John DE VILLIERS.
Graaff-Reinet, Oct 1st 1847

DIED at Uitenhage on the 18th instant, aged 59, Martin John BERRESFORD Esq, late of Broughton Nonchelsea [sic – should be Boughton Monchelsea], County Kent
Uitenhage, 20th October 1847

MARRIED by the Rev. P.W. Copeman, on the 22nd October at Spring Valley, near Port Elizabeth (the residence of Thos. NIGHTINGALE Esq) Joseph SIMPSON Esq, of the firm THOMSON, WATSON, SIMPSON & Co, to Frances Maria PARRY, daughter of the late John Humphries PARRY Esq, Barrister of the Middle Temple, Author of the Cambrian Plutarch &c &c, and niece of the present Bishop of Barbados.

Saturday 30 October 1847

An event has occurred to which we cannot help thinking that we are led to refer distinctly by something more than the mere partiality of kindred and filial affection. A mother, yes, a mother to many who do not bear her name, has entered into higher and holier relations.
Mrs. PHILIP, the wife of the Rev. Dr. PHILIP, entered into her eternal rest on Saturday afternoon, October 23rd, at Hankey. The event had long been expected, as Mrs. PHILIP had been ill, with slight alternations, for eighteen months previously. For some weeks before her death her disease shewed all the symptoms of cancer in the stomach, but the spirit that animated her amid the distressing pain and weakness of that fearful complaint can never be forgotten by those who were privileged to witness it. Amid the decay of the bodily powers the soul retained all its wonted energy; and her cheerful conversation, remarkable memory, perfect patience, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost indicated the triumph of faith over the most unfavourable earthly circumstance. Distinguished as she had been in health by the most unwearied activity, she learned in sickness also “to serve among those who only stand and wait”, and though longing to be freed from her affliction she expressed such desires without a murmur of impatience.
Many are aware of the active exertions she made in connection with the London Society’s Missions, during a period of 28 years, and with what disinterestedness she devoted herself and all she possessed to the promotion of their interests: but few can know what she was as a wife and mother. The bereaved seek comfort from the hope of speedily meeting her again in glory. Her dust is now laid beside that of her beloved son and grandson, whose sudden and melancholy end she was wont to mention as the arrow that had entered her soul and been the commencement of her disease.
“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for they rest from their labors, and their works follow them.”

By the Rev. F. McCleland AB (TCD) Colonial Chaplain
A daughter of Mr. C. ANDREWS baptised Anne Maria
A son of Mr. BENEKE baptised Philip

Oct 26: Mr. Giles SANDFORD, aged 37 years

Saturday 6 November 1847

Saturday 9am:
We are sorry to communicate the melancholy intelligence of the death, by drowning, of Captain FURBER, late Master of the ‘Richmond’. It appears that Capt. FURBER and Capt. ROBERTS of the ‘Kellermont’, with two men, were this morning attempting to land, when the boat on getting to the surf upset. Capt. ROBERTS and the two men were with difficulty saved through the noble exertions of several individuals. The body has not yet been found. We deeply sympathise with the bereaved.

Saturday 20 November 1847

DIED here this morning at 7 o clock, Isabella Jane, who was the only surviving daughter of Hugh HAMILTON Esq of Greenock, N.B., and wife of Anthony, fourth son of Peter HEUGH Esq of this place.
Port Elizabeth 20th Nov 1847

Saturday 27 November 1847

Respectfully inform the public that they have extended their establishment, which enables them to keep on hand a well selected stock of
Broad and Narrow Cloths, Doeskins &c &c
Also a well selected assortment of Vestings, all of the newest patterns. And are expecting, directly from England, Hats and Caps, all of the best quality.
Messrs. C. and P. [sic] take this opportunity of returning their sincerest thanks for the invariable support they have received, and feel convinced that it will be continued, as they can satisfy all who desire a Cheap and Useful Article.
NB Two journeymen wanted, 6d a day or piece work
Mainstreet, Port Elizabeth.

Mr. C. DEVENISH & Co will receive tenders (post paid) until the 20th December next for the purchase of their present CLIP OF WOOL, from 15 to 18,000 pounds, 6,000 lbs of the clip is now on its way to Port Elizabeth, and the remainder will be delivered at that place at farthest by the 31st January next. Samples may be seen at the stores of Messrs. THOMSON, WATSON and SIMPSON & Co.
Address – Mr. C. DEVENISH, Beaufort, West Beaufort
20th November 1847

FOR SALE at the Stores of DODDS, KING & Co.
The following goods just received, viz:
Java Coffee, Rice
Sugar, various, Tea in 40 and 10 Catty Chests
English Salt in Lump and Basket
Pint Pickles assorted
Loaf Cheese
Preserved Salmond in Tins and Herrings
Vinegar in Wood and Bottle
Hams, best London Soap
Cape Wines, various qualities
Sherry, Port, Madeira and Claret
Hollands in Glass, Stone Bottles and Demijohns
Cognac in Cask and Cases of 1 doz. Each
Port Elizabeth 26th Nov 1847

Ship Chandler’s and General Stores
The undersigned having taken over the Business lately carried on by Mr. E.H. SALMOND begs to inform Captains of Vessels and the Public that he will keep constantly on hand a supply of the best articles, and trusts that by strict attention and low prices to merit a share of that patronage so liberally bestowed upon his predecessor.
Port Elizabeth 19th November 1847

Saturday 4 December 1847

A plot of ground situated near the Toll, adjoining the property of Mr. FROST, part of Lot 48, measuring 2 morgen, 18½ square roods, 36 square feet. Apply to Mr. F. LEHMKUHL.
Port Elizabeth 3rd Dec 1847

By the Rev. F. McCleland AB (TCD) Colonial Chaplain
Mr. James GLEN to Miss Mary BROWN

A son of Richard RUSSELL baptised Overton

DIED at Uitenhage on Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock, the 24th inst, Mrs. The Widow Pierce Francais LE CLUS, aged 70 years 11 months, after an illness of twenty six days, which she bore with Christian resignation. Notice is hereby given to relatives and friends.
Nov 26th 1847

Saturday 11 December 1847

C. HUMPHREY begs to acquaint his friend and the public in general that he has removed from his late residence in the Main street to the house lately occupied by Mr. GIBBON, situate between Messrs. WARES and ADCOCK’s, where he will continue to carry on the TAILORING BUSINESS and trusts that they will still favour him with a share of their patronage. C.H. has constantly on hand a well assorted stock consisting of Superfine Broad Cloth, Cassimere, Woollen Plaids, Tweeds, Doeskins &c

Saturday 18 December 1847

Having resigned the office of District Surgeon at Uitenhage, begs to notify that he will return to Port Elizabeth at the commencement of the ensuing year and will resume his practice as Surgeon, Apothecary and Accoucheur.

At Hankey on Monday the 6th instant by the Rev. Dr. J. PHILIP
A son of Mr. John Ross PHILIP, baptised John William
[Transcriber’s note: At the bottom of each final page of the Eastern Province Herald is printed ‘John Ross PHILIP, Proprietor, Editor, Printer and Publisher, Market Square, Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope]

Saturday 25 December 1847

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (TCD) Colonial Chaplain
Mr. William Kennedy HOFFMAN to Mrs. Margaretta Albertha FEREIRA

A daughter of Mr. Cornelius SWART baptised Elsje Maria
A daughter of Mr. Hendrik DE VOS baptised Maria Elizabeth
A son of Mr. John EAGAR baptised Robert Richard

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