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Eastern Province Herald (later The Herald)

Eastern Province Herald 1847 - 2 - April to June

Saturday 10 April 1847

At a Meeting of the male Inhabitants of Port Elizabeth and the parochial limits thereof, being occupiers of pews or sittings in St.Mary’s Church, holden on Monday the 5th instant, the following Gentlemen were elected Vestrymen for the year to terminate on Easter Monday 1848.
F. McCLELAND Col. Chap., Chair
April 9th 1847

Saturday 17 April 1847

In Port Elizabeth on Thursday 15th instant, by the Rev. Alex. Smith of Uitenhage,
A daughter of Mr. William FLEMING, baptized [A..]
A daughter of Mr. WILLIAMS, baptized Elizabeth Johanna

Saturday 24 April 1847

The Undersigned having taken over the Business of
Messrs. CAWOOD Brothers
As Butchers
Will continue the same as heretofore, commencing from the 1st May next.
Port Elizabeth, April 23rd 1847

DIED on the 5th instant among the Batlepee Tribe, Mrs. ROSS, the beloved wife of the Rev. Mr. ROSS, Missionary of the London Society. “It appears that she had been suffering for some time past from dysentery, probably brought on by an exposure to hardships during the removal of the people to another location. Her loss will be deeply felt by that comparatively infant Mission.”

Saturday 1 May 1847

Just as we were going to press we received the melancholy intelligence of the death of Capt. SHIRLING of this place, by a fall from his horse at Rondebosch.

In St.Mary’s Church by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (Trinity College Dublin), Colonial Chaplain,
March 11: Mr. John HENLEY to Miss Harriet RALPH

Feb 21: A son of Mr. Henry [CON..] baptized William Henry Nelson
March 21: A daughter of Mr. John JENNINGS, baptized Anna Maria
April 11: A daughter of Mr. William TITTERON, baptized Jessie
April 18: A son of Mr. Joseph LEWIS, baptized John William
April 25: A son of Mr. James SILLS, baptized John James

Saturday 8 May 1847

Inn &c
No.26 Plein Street, Cape Town
John ROGERS respectfully acquaints his friends and the public that, having obtained the necessary licence, under the new Ordinance, he has opened his Premises, No.26 Plein Street, Cape Town, under the title of
where passengers and travellers of every description can be accommodated.
Wines, spirits, malt and other liquors of the best quality, and beds, breakfast, tiffins, dinners, chops, steaks, tea, coffee and superior soups will always be ready at the customary hour,

Saturday 22 May 1847

MARRIED at Uitenhage by the Rev. A. Smith on Tuesday 18th inst, Mr. John LESLIE of Port Elizabeth to Miss Anna Elizabeth PANNELL, second daughter of Lieut. Robert PANNELL, 60th Rifles.

Saturday 29 May 1847

All Claims against the late Capt. David SHIRLING are requested to be sent in immediately to the office of Mr. E.H. SALMOND for settlement.
Ann SHIRLING, Sole Executrix
Port Elizabeth, May 28th 1847

Mr. A. ISEMONGER having disposed of his Establishment in Port Elizabeth begs to inform all Travellers and Carriers upon the Graham’s Town Road that he has purchased the spacious Inn and Hotel just completed at a considerable expense by Mr. STAINES, at the Drift on the Sunday’s River, which he proposes to open to the Public on the 1stJune.
The Premises having been built expressly for the Accommodation of Travellers, Mr. ISEMONGER trusts, by attention to the wants of his Customers, and by a moderate scale of charges, to secure a share of public patronage.
A regular supply will be always kept of Colonial and Foreign Wines and Spirits, Cordials, Liqueurs, Bottled Ale and Porter &c &c.
Good Stall Stabling and a plentiful supply of Forage will be provided.
Port Elizabeth, May 14th 1847

Saturday 5 June 1847

Port Elizabeth
Valuable Landed Property for Sale
The undersigned being duly authorised and instructed by the Proprietor
Offers for sale that valuable and excellent standing for
A Mercantile Establishment
Situated at the corner of Market and Jetty Street at Port Elizabeth, now occupied by John EAGAR Esq
Comprising a block of buildings with three extensive frontages, on the Market, Jetty and Damant streets, with a double storey’d dwelling house, store and shop, cellarage, coach house, outbuildings, enclosed and paved yard with a well and pump and every convenience.
Terms (of the most liberal kind) and further particulars may be known by application to
John Centlivres CHASE, Notary and Conveyance
May 26th 1847

MARRIED at the Union Cottage, Port Elizabeth on Tuesday the 1st June by the Rev. F. McCleland AB, Colonial Chaplain, Mr. Robert Jacob HEYDENRYCH to Miss Maria Dunn, second daughter of Mr. Charles COOPER.

Saturday 12 June 1847

MARRIED at Gamtoos River on the 3rd instant by the Rev. F. McCleland, Mr. James BAKER, third son of the late George BAKER Esq, MD, Leatherhead, Surrey to Miss Catherina Elizabeth KEMP, eldest daughter of P. KEMP Esq
Port Elizabeth 5th June 1847

Saturday 19 June 1847

In the Insolvent Estate of Richard Aldworth STRETCH
A first Liquidation and Distribution Account of the said Estate will lie for inspection at the office of the Resident Magistrate here, for a term of 14 days from this date, and afterwards for a further term of 14 days at the Master’s Office in Cape Town, after which the Hon. the Supreme Court will be moved to confirm the same and order the Distribution thereof.
John Centlivres CHASE
Sole Trustee
19th June 1847

In the Insolvent Estate of Richard DANIELL, Esquire, of Sidbury Park.
WILL BE SOLD, by public auction, at SIDBURY PARK, peremptorily to the highest bidder,
On Wednesday and Thursday, the 23rd and 24th June next,
The whole of the Immoveable and Moveable Property in the above Estate,
Consisting as follows:-
Immoveable Property.
LOT 1.
In extent (with a portion of Bushy Park) about 4038 morgen or nearly 9000 English Acres
Of excellent sour and sweet (“gebroken veld”) sheep pasture, extending on both sides of the Buffalo River, by which it is abundantly watered, besides having several springs on various parts of the Estate. From the Arable Land, which can be indefinitely extended, the most luxuriant crops have been reaped of late years.
The BUILDINGS, erected on the Estate at very considerable outlay, are the most extensive and substantial on any Farm in the district, consisting of a large double storied
With every convenience,
Extensive Wood Stores, Shearing House, Stable, Coach House, Servants’ Apartments, &c. &c.
The situation of this property, being on the main road to the rapidly rising sea-port town of the Eastern Province. Port Elizabeth, and only about 30 miles distant from Graham’s Town, renders it admirable adapted either for an
Hotel on an Extensive Scale, or for a BOARDING SCHOOL.
Independently of the advantages, Sidbury Park stand unrivalled in the district as a first-rate GRAZING FARM, which will be abundantly proved by the condition of the stock now grazing upon it.
LOT 2.
That equally well known and valuable Sheep Farm, called :
Comprising (with a portion of Stilgenoegen,) 2,620 morgen, or about 6,000 English Acres.
Of excellent sheep pasture. This farm adjoins Sidbury Park on the S.E., and is abundantly watered by the Bushman’s River, which forms the boundary on one extremity of the Farm. There is a comfortable COTTAGE on it, and like Sidbury Park, a large breadth of land has been brought under cultivation, from which excellent crops have been raised in the past year, and which can also be indefinitely extended. The Grazing is of first rate quality , as will likewise be proved by the condition of the stock now on the Farm.
LOT 3.
That valuable Estate known by the name of
In extent 2023 morgen, or about 4,500 English Acres and adjoining Sidbury Park to the West.
This Farm is watered by the Buffalo River, which runs nearly through the centre. The Pastorage is principally of that highly-prized description termed Zuurveld and fit for every sort of Stock. Any quantity of ARABLE LAND may be broken up.
The above three Estates are situated in the district of Albany, in the immediate vicinity of the beautiful village of Sidbury. The advantages of such a proximity will be appreciated, when it is known that there is an Episcopal Church in the village, with a resident clergyman, and a medical practitioner, -- also a Post Office. Blacksmiths’, Wheelwrights’, and several other Shops, advantages, the absence of which is so much felt by the English Flockmasters in other parts of the Eastern districts
LOT 4.
A part of that valuable property, known as the
Situated in the ward of Lower Bushman’s River, district of Uitenhage, in the extent 2,930[?] morgen, or about
6,000 English Acres.
The grazing qualities of this Farm are too well known to require comment. With the addition of Wells and Dams – for the construction of which there are many admirable spots the present complaint of scarcity of water can be easily removed, and the property rendered the most valuable in the district. There is a good spring upon this portion of the Farm, which can be greatly improved, and made amply sufficient for all household purposes,
LOT 5.
Another portion of the Gorah, in extent [2,877] morgen, or about 8,000 English Acres,
On this section of the Farm, there is also a good spring and the pasturage is equal to Lot No. 4.
LOT 6.
Another portion of the Gorah, in extent 3,415 morgen, or about 7,000 English Acres,
The qualities of this Farm are fully equal to the two preceding lots.
The only drawback to the Gorah property has been the scanty supply of water but Messrs. PULLEN, VERMAAK, VAN REENEN, and PHILPOTT have shown by their spirited example how easily and certainly the deficiency of Water, peculiarly common to farms in that neighbourhood can be removed by sinking wells, and erecting powerful Pumps. With such additions the Gorah property cannot be surpassed as Grazing Farms by any in the district of Uitenhage.
Moveable Property
1 – The whole of that valuable Flock of Thorough-bred Sheep
Originally imported from Australia by Mr WARPELL, and for which Mr. DANIELL paid upwards of £10 per head to the importer. The Flock consists of
599 Splendid Ewes
Mostly in lamb to thoroughbred Rams, and are well worth the attention of those Flock Masters of the Eastern and Western Provinces, who are desirous to improve their Stock.
2 – The whole of the Original Sidbury Flocks,
Consisting of –
1050 full grown Ewes, mostly in lamb to pure blood Rams
[603] Maiden Ewes,
800 full-grown Wethers,
3 – One of the most splendid lots of Pure and Half-bred Rams,
Consisting in all of 375, ever offered to public competition on the Eastern Frontier.
The quality of the Sidbury Park Flocks is too well known to need lengthened remark. By the introduction of pure Blood for the last 15 years, at an enormous expense the purity of the Flocks has been kept up, and the demand for Rams from these justly celebrated Stock Flocks, has for many years exceeded the supply. Flock Masters will find this an opportunity which seldom occurs of supplying themselves with some of the best Sheep which this colony can produce.
4 – The half of the Skietkop Flocks,
Also Composed of well-bred Sheep. – Proving for many years had the advantage of the use of the pure bred Rams from the Sidbury Park Flocks. The portion of the Flocks to be sold consist of
1080 Ewes, mostly in lamb to pure Rms,
350 full grown Wethers
99 grown Lambs.
Also 3 Horses, 2 Cows, 1 Ox, being the remainder of Cattle and Horses left to Mr DANIELL by the Kaffirs during their last invasion of the Eastern Districts.
3 Ox Waggons
An excellent Horse Waggon, with Harness Complete,
A Carriage,
Curricle and Harness,
159 Hurdles
A superior Wool Press, in good order, with a powerful Screw
A Winnowing Machine,
Ploughs, Harrows and other Farming Utensils.
Household Furniture
Of every description, including Mahogany sideboard, Dining Table, Mahogany Chairs, Sofas, Wardrobes, Chest of Drawers, &c.
A large quantity of Silver Plate
And whatever else may be offered on the day of sale.
Diagrams of the farm may be seen, and all further particulars ascertained, on application at the counting-houses of the Trustees in Cape Town, -- the Auctioneers, Graham’s Town, -- and of C. ANDREWS, Esq., Port Elizabeth.
Refreshments will be provided, and the Sale to commence each day at 11 o’clock precisely.
The terms of credit for the Landed Property generally will be
One fifth in cash or short approved Bills, at the time of Sale,
One do, at 6 months, with interest from date of Sale
One do, at 12 do., do.
One do, at 18 do., do.
One do, at 24 do., do.
On Lots 1 and 2 a large portion of the purchase money will be allowed to remain at interest until 1854.
R.W. EATON, Trustee
R.J. JONES, Trustee
H. NOURSE, Trustee
LEE & MEURANT, Auctioneers.

Saturday 26 June 1847

In Port Elizabeth by the Rev. A. Robson, on Monday the [obscured]
Mr. William NOTHARD to Miss Sarah ADAMS

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