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Eastern Province Herald (later The Herald)

Eastern Province Herald 1846 - 4 - October to December

Saturday 3 October 1846

DIED at Port Elizabeth on Thursday 1st October, Susanna, the wife of W. DODDS Esq, aged 30 years.

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (Trinity College Dublin), Colonial Chaplain,
On Tuesday Sep 29,
Mr. Robert ADCOCK to Miss Ann Elizabeth KEMSLEY

At Port Elizabeth on Wednesday 23, by the same,
A son of Mr. John Frederick Van der Graaff HEUGH, baptized Peter Johannes.
On Sunday Sep 27,
A daughter of Mr. Edward PHILPOTT, baptized Elizabeth Cornelia.

Sep 28: Peter Johannes HEUGH, aged one month.

Saturday 17 October 1846

Will take Likenesses by the Photographic Process (a minute’s attendance only required) in a private apartment at Mr. RING’s Library from 9 till 12 and 2 till 4 each day, while the “Hannah Codrey” remains in the Bay, which is expected to leave on Monday or Tuesday next.
Charge for Likenesses in Frame and Glass £1:10:0
Specimens may be seen at Mr. KING’s.

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (Trinity College Dublin), Colonial Chaplain,
Mr. Charles INMAN to Miss Helen TERBLANCE
[Transcriber’s note: Date not given, but the marriage certificate shows it as 13th October]

On Sunday Oct 4,
A son of Mr. William SMITH, baptized William John.
A daughter of Mr. John STOCKS, baptized Jane Susanna.
A son of Mr. George STOREY, baptized William Henry.
On the 11th,
An adult person of color, baptized Pamella Johanna, surnamed ROBERTS.

Saturday 24 October 1846

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (Trinity College Dublin), Colonial Chaplain,
On Sunday Oct 18,
A daughter of the late Mr. John LANE, baptized Priscilla.
A daughter of ditto ditto, baptized Charlotte.
A son of the late Mr. John BROWN, baptized Henry Morrison.
A daughter of Mr. Charles BLUNK, baptized Caroline Sarah.
A son of Mr. Richard DANIELL, baptized Rice Henry.

Saturday 31 October 1846

Tailor and Habit Maker
Respectfully intimates to the Inhabitants of Port Elizabeth and its Vicinity that he has commenced in the above line in the Premises lately occupied by Mr. HOPE, Baker, where by strict attention to Business he hopes to receive a share of Public Patronage.
NB Naval and Military Clothing executed on the shortest Notice.

Saturday 7 November 1846

Uitenhage, 3rd November 1846
To the Editor,
Sir, In consequence of a letter having been given to me yesterday to read, referring to the three Kafirs who killed poor PIKE, and who broke out of this gaol on Sunday last, which letter I believe is intended for you, and, as many points contained therein are incorrect, I now take it upon myself to give you the following facts as they took place. On Sunday morning at five minutes past six I was standing shaving in my cell, the door having just been opened, when I heard a great rattling of chains outside and ran to my door to see what it was, when, to my surprise, I saw the three Kafirs making off direct for the bush which joins the gaoler’s garden, through which they had to pass, and as I did not perceive anyone near that might catch them, I immediately ran after them, though alone, and overtook the last one just as he had got up on to the last step going into the garden – the steps were six in number. I immediately caught him by the foot, pulled him down into a small ditch which ran under the steps, when he tried to strike me with a stone which he held in his right hand. Upon seeing this I took the stone from him, when he threw off his blanket, which uncovered his left hand, in which he held a long knife. I then saw that I must either use rough means or let him go, and immediately struck him down with my fist. No sooner did he fall than I took him by his hands and pulled him back to the gaol, where I saw the turnkey standing, apparently quite stupefied from a blow he had received; I noticed much blood upon him at the time, but I said nothing to him. I then bundled the Kafir into the cell, and when the turnkey shut the door I went in pursuit of the other two, although I had no one to assist me, and overtook them at the upper end of the garden, about 126 yards from the gaol. One was over the hedge, and the other getting over, when I called to them to stop, which the one did, but not until he was safe over the hedge and a good, thick stick in his hand. Not thinking that it was his intention to strike me, I jumped on the hedge, when he made a heavy blow at me, which I caught with my left hand, and the moment he saw that the stick was fast he rushed at me with a long knife. I then threw myself off the hedge to get out of his reach, when he ran off after the other; I was, however, soon aver the hedge, and up to them. When they saw it was impossible to outrun me, they took stones and we had shie for shie, until a young man of the name of William HENRY came to my assistance with a gun. One then ran off, and I told the other to throw down the knife and give himself up, or we would shoot him. I told him this in Kafir. He said “No, am I not also a man”, immediately taking up stones to drive us back from him, at the same time walking steadily for the thick part of the bush. We repeated our demand in vain, and as he was near the bush and there was no time to be lost, I told young HENRY to shoot him in the leg. As he was taking aim, the Kafir threw at him, with the intention, I should say, of confusing him. The stone, however, missed him, and struck me on my left shoulder. The ball went through the thick fleshy part of the thigh. The Kafir then ran towards us, with the knife in his hand, but he soon fell to the ground (this was the man who shot poor PIKE). By this time the alarm was given and three other persons came to our assistance. We then made search for about two hours and a half for the third Kafir who had got into the thick bush, without being able to find him. Little hopes being entertained of finding him, the wounded man was taken back by some of the party, and at length when the vote was to return, I said “No”, as I had belonged to the Albany young men for many years I would not get one of them a bad name. I then took an old rusty musket, requesting them to remain where they were and keep a good look out, while I returned to trace the Kafir’s spoor from where he had got over the garden hedge; they did so, and I took up the trail to where he had entered the thicket, and after crawling on my hands and knees for some distance, I found him in a very thick part of the bush. I then took him and brought him out to where I got assistance, and he was conveyed to the gaol, where they are all once more. The wounded man is doing well.
Many persons in this village have blamed the turnkey for this; but I am sure the turnkey will be able to clear himself, in the inquiry which is about to be instituted on the subject, and prove that there has been no neglect on his part. Not many days back the Kafir who is now wounded said that they would kill the turnkey and myself, for he did not see why three Kafirs should be killed for only one Englishman, and that by killing us it would only make it man for man. I immediately told the turnkey and gaoler to put them on their guard.
I am, Sir,
[Transcriber’s note: James PIKE, nephew of the 1820 settler William PIKE, was killed at Botha’s Hill on 11th April 1846.Thomas BAILIE, along with his father John BAILIE, was arrested for murder following an argument with Field-cornet DU PLOOY and they were sentenced to death in Uitenhage on 30 March 1846. After many appeals for clemency to the Governor, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment with hard labour. In 1847 Sir Harry SMITH granted them a free pardon. See issue of 4 April 1846.]

Saturday 14 November 1846

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (Trinity College Dublin), Colonial Chaplain,
On Sunday Oct 15th,
A daughter of Mr. George WHITHEAD, baptized Anna Mary.
On Sunday Nov 8th,
A son of Mr. Gabriel Johannes Philip HAUBTFLEISCH, baptized Johan Christoffel.

Saturday 21 November 1846

Mrs. CROKER died at sea on 16th Oct.

MARRIED at Buffaloe’s Fountain on Wednesday the 18th inst by the Rev. F. McCleland AB, Colonial Chaplain, Mr. Henry RUTHERFOORD Jun. to Miss Anna Jacoba Theodora BOTHA, youngest daughter of Mr. J. BOTHA.

Saturday 28 November 1846

DIED at his residence, “Perseverance”, Zwartkop’s River, on the morning of the [19th] Nov 1846, Baron Wilhelm Ludwig VON BUCHENRODER, aged 63 years.
His intellectual powers, extensive knowledge of the affairs of the Colony, his amiability of temper and gentlemanly manner rendered him a special [favourite] with all those who had the pleasure of his friendship or acquaintance.

DIED at Port Elizabeth, 21st instant, Mr. John NIDD, late Foreman of Works, Royal Engineer Department, aged 57 years.

Aan Nabestaande en Vrienden werd bekend gemaakt, dat het den Heer van Leven en Dood behaagt heeft op den 14de dezer (zo ik vertrouw, in zin Eeuwwige heerlykheid, op te nemen) myn geliefde Moeder Alletta Henrietta BREDENKAMP, Weduwe Wylen Doctor M.J. ADENDORFF, in den ouderdom van 74 jaren 3 maanden en 12 dagen, na ein ziekte van 2 maanden.
Oliphants Hoek 25st Nov 1846

On Wednesday, November 18th, by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (Trinity College Dublin), Colonial Chaplain,
Mr. Henry RUTHERFOORD, of Graham’s Town, to Miss Anna Jacoba Theodora BOTHA.
On Thursday Nov 19th, by Special Licence,
Capt. Richard ESSENHIGH to Miss Catherine Ann STRETCH

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (Trinity College Dublin), Colonial Chaplain,
On Sunday Nov 15,
A son of Mr. W. PIERCY, baptized William.
On Sunday Nov 22,
A daughter of Mr. George PAYNE, baptized Bertha Alice Mary.
A daughter of Mr. Thomas CLARKE, baptized Emma Jane.
A daughter of Mr. Lucius Theodore [SABIN], baptized Mary Elizabeth
On Wednesday Nov 25,
A daughter of Mr. John BEZUYDENHOUDT, baptized Elsie Elizabeth.
A daughter of Abraham Christoffel WEIMER, baptized Maria Catherina.

Saturday 5 December 1846

DIED in Uitenhage on Monday the 30th ultimo, William John, fourth son of Caesar ANDREWS Esq, aged 1 year.
Port Elizabeth, December 4th 1846.

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (Trinity College Dublin), Colonial Chaplain,
On Sunday Nov 29,
A son of Mr. Martinus [D...], baptized George James
On Thursday Dec 3,
A son of Mr. William SMITH, baptized Harry Tyrrell

Dec 1: William John ANDREWS, aged 1 year

Saturday 19 December 1846

On Thursday Dec 10th, by the Rev. F. McCleland AB (Trinity College Dublin), Colonial Chaplain,
Captain James CLARKE, late of the wrecked bark ‘Resolution’, to Miss Julia Sophia DANIELL

On Sunday Dec 6,
A daughter of Mr. John HAM, baptized Sarah Ann
On Sunday Dec 13,
A daughter of Mr. John TEE, baptized Sarah Matilda

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