Eastern Province Herald (later The Herald)

Eastern Province Herald 1860 - 2 - April to June

Tuesday 3 April 1860

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 31st March, Mrs. William PUCKLE of twin daughters.

DIED at Bethelsdorp yesterday, aged 75 years, Sarah GILL, widow of the late Rev. James KITCHINGMAN.
March 30 1860.

Boot and Shoe Maker
from England
Begs to inform the inhabitants of Uitenhage and its environs that he has commenced business in Cuyler-street, opposite Mr. BILLINGHAM’s Tannery, and hopes, by strict attention to the wishes of those who may honour him with their favour, to merit a share of patronage.
Uitenhage, 2nd April 1860.

Friday 6 April 1860

BIRTH on the 4th inst, the wife of R.L. CRUMP of a daughter, prematurely, still born.

James KEMSLEY begs to notify to the subscribers of the Port Elizabeth “Telegraph”, and to his friends in Port Elizabeth generally, that he has made arrangements for continuing the “Telegraph” as usual. The paper will be reissued on Thursday the 12th inst.
NB Jobbing of every description will be executed in the neatest style as heretofore.

We regret to have to record the rather sudden death of our fellow townsman, Mr. W. RICHARDSON, who died on Thursday morning, after a brief illness of about a week. He had been ailing a few days when, contrary to the advice of his medical man, he went to Uitenhage, and on his return became worse; a rapid attack of typhoid fever came on from which he sank in a very short time. Mr. RICHARDSON was much respected by his fellow townsmen and his loss is deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

Tuesday 10 April 1860

BIRTH on the 7th inst at Port Elizabeth, Mrs. Alfred EBDEN of a son.

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 9th inst, Mrs. James S. KIRKWOOD of a daughter.

BIRTH at Uitenhage, Mrs. John Alexander LUND of a daughter.

Friday 13 April 1860

DIED on the 11th inst at the residence of his Brother-in-Law, Mr. John HEUGH, William Stephanus VAN RYNEVELD, in his 47th year, eldest son of the late W.C. VAN RYNEVELD, late C.C. and R.M. of Graaff-Reinet.
The funeral will proceed from the residence of Mr. John HEUGH, south side of Baakens River, to the place of interment this afternoon at 4 o’clock. Friends are invited to attend.
Port Elizabeth, 13th April 1860.

DIED at Port Elizabeth on Thursday the 15th inst [sic], Mr. William RICHARDSON, in the 53rd year of his age.
[Transcriber’s note: The date is presumably meant to be the 5th inst (see previous issue) although his Death Notice says he died on the 4th April]

Tuesday 17 April 1860

DIED at Uitenhage on the 14th inst, Mrs. John Alexander LUND, leaving an infant daughter.
Mr. LUND takes this only means to thank the many kind friends who showed such genuine sympathy with him in his trouble.

DIED on Friday morning, the 13th instant, after a lingering illness, Edward Henry, infant son of Francis H. CARPENTER
Port Elizabeth, 17th April 1860.

Friday 20 April 1860

April 24 – At Graaff-Reinet, in re Anne Gertrude VILJOEN, of the Graaff-Reinet district, and surviving spouse Fredrik Johannes VAN ZYL.
April 24 – At Capetown, in re Johannes Wilhelmus Christiaan WESSELS, of the Bedford district.
April 25 – Port Elizabeth – William KELLY, of the Port Elizabeth district, and surviving spouse Margaret Jane KELLY.
April 25 – Port Elizabeth – Samuel RICH, of the Port Elizabeth District, and surviving spouse Ann Susanna RICH.
April 27 – Alice – Charles CUMBERS, of the Alice district, and surviving spouse Hannah CUMBERS.
April 28 – At Colesberg, in re Sarah DIXON of the Colesberg district, and surviving spouse William ASHTON.

A case of a very painful nature will occupy the attention of the Supreme Court this morning, at 10 o’clock. Some time ago Mr. J.M. HORAK, Justice of the Peace at Victoria (West), became acquainted with a Miss STEWART, daughter of the Government Schoolmaster at Richmond; and after a short courtship they were married. For five or six months everything went on happily; but at the end of that time Mrs. HORAK presented her husband with a full-grown child. The circumstances led to unpleasantness, and upon being pressed upon the subject, the lady named another gentleman as the father, upon which Mr. HORAK instructed the Attorney-General to apply to the Supreme Court for relief – either a dissolution of the marriage or a declaration that the marriage was void ab initio. Mr. BRAND Sen., on the other side, is to contend that it is not in the power of the Court to interfere, so that a most important argument will be opened for the opinion of the Court. It is understood that the point most to be pressed upon the attention of the Court will be the non-validity of the marriage. – Commercial Advertise & Mail.

Tuesday 24 April 1860

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth April 22 1860, Mrs. George BIRT of a son.

BIRTH on Saturday last, the 21st, Mrs. G. CHABAUD of a daughter.

DIED on the 21st instant, Alice Mary Ann, infant daughter of Mr. George SMITH, aged 3 months and 2 days.

DIED at Uitenhage on Wednesday the 18th inst, at his residence, Joachim BREHM, in his 72nd year.

May 2 – At Grahamstown, in re Dirk Willem F. VAN ROOYEN, of the Grahamstown district, and surviving spouse Cornelia Margrieta BOSCH.
May 4 – At Hopetown, in re Dirk Wouter DE CLERK, of the Hopetown district.
May 4 – At Fort Beaufort, in re Charlotte BOUCHER, widow of Priestwood BOUCHER, of the Fort Beaufort district.
May 7 – At Queen’s Town, in re James THOMPSON, Queen’s Town, carpenter, first.
May 14 - At Queen’s Town, in re James THOMPSON, Queen’s Town, carpenter, second.
May [21] – At Graaff-Reinet, in re Sarah Johanna AURET, of the Graaff-Reinet district.
May 20 – At Grahamstown, in re John Newhouse BEALE, of the Albany district.

In our obituary of today we have to record the death of J. BREHM Esq, of Uitenhage, one of the oldest and most respected inhabitants of that rural town. The name of Mr. BREHM is known throughout the colony as one who always took great interest in agricultural pursuits, and who is ever on the alert to promote to the best of his ability the interests of this province. The following facts relative to Mr. BREHM’s career may not be uninteresting to our readers. Mr. Joachim BREHM was a native of Bamburg, Bavaria, and was born on the 29th January 1782, being thus in his 72nd year at the time of death. In 1807 he passed very creditably as a chemist and druggist, and received a flattering recommendation from Professor REMPF, of Bamburg, to an apothecary in Durkheim, with whom he remained some time. After this, according to German custom, he travelled, or was absent from his native place some five or six years. The greater portion of this time he spent in Switzerland. On his return to Bamburg, having taken a great fancy for the study of Botany and natural history, he entered into an engagement with the late Dr. LEISCHING, of Cape Town, to whom he came out in 1816. After the expiration of his engagement at Cape Town, his love of Botany and a desire to pursue that study induced him to proceed to what was then the frontier, and he ultimately took up his residence at Uitenhage in 1821, where he commenced business as apothecary, chemist, druggist &c, and where he remained till his death. Soon after his arrival at Uitenhage, Mr. BREHM sent to several places in Europe specimens of natural history, plants &c, viz. to Leyden, Wurtemberg and latterly to Amsterdam. From the latter place he received, in 1856, the gold medal of the “Hollandsche Maatschapij van Landbuow” “als blyk van erkentelykheid voor de toersending van sen der grootste exemplaren aan het geslacht Encephalhanton aan den Hortus Botanicus”, with a complimentary letter from the committee of management, thanking him for the trouble he had taken in sending home the specimens referred to. This medal is engraved on one side “Hollandsche Maatschapij van Landbuow 1847” and on the reverse “Aan J. BREHM van de Hortus Botanicus te Amsterdam 1856”. He was also corresponding member of several history and scientific institutions. In 1824 Mr. BREHM was appointed Sequestrator’s Agent, which office he held till 1829, when he was appointed to the new office of Deputy Sheriff, and continued to hold this appointment till 1853, when, at his own request, his only son, Mr. George BREHM, took his place. For some time he acted as district surgeon, and obtained great repute amongst the Dutch farmers of the district. In one capacity or another, Mr. BREHM was about thirty years in government employ. In an age when innovation of any kind was almost considered a sin, the late Mr. BREHM was always foremost in advocating the trial of new inventions and improvements. He was constantly importing plants and the best description of fruit trees, and the Uitenhage district is indebted to him for many of its best specimens of arboriculture. Peculiar in many of his habits and ways, he was always a strict disciplinarian, and was much respected and esteemed by all who thoroughly knew him. For the last four or five years he withdrew from active life, confining his attention chiefly to his garden, in which he took great pride and which he was always pleased to show to visitors. His health about two months ago seemed to fail him suddenly, and he gradually got worse, and ultimately sank at the good old age of upwards of “three score years and ten”. Requiescat in Pace.

Friday 27 April 1860

BIRTH at Alexandria (Oliphant’s Hoek) on the 26th April, Mrs. Louis CHABAUD of a daughter.

Tuesday 1 May 1860

DIED this morning, Elizabeth, infant daughter of William and Sarah WRIGHT.
Port Elizabeth
May 1st 1860.

Notice is hereby given that the partnership hitherto existing under the style or firm of
General Merchants at Colesberg,
has been dissolved by mutual consent.
Maurice JOSEPH
Charles WRIGHT
As Witnesses:
Charles STRUTT
Port Elizabeth
25th April 1860.

Friday 4 May 1860

MARRIED on Monday April 30th, at St.Paul’s Church, Port Elizabeth, John Henry AVANS to Ellen STONE.

The undermentioned prisoners having effected their escape from this Jaol on the night of the 20th inst, all Fieldcornets, Police Constables and others are hereby authorized to cause the said parties to be arrested and forwarded to this place to be punished and dealt with according to law.
John ENGLISH, a seaman, and long resident of Port Elizabeth, height 5 feet 10½ inches, has the mark of the crucifix on the left arm, fair complexion, and slightly marked with the small-pox, light hair, wore a white smock frock. dark brown moleskin trowsers and cloth cap.
Thomas CLARK, a seaman, 5 ft 1½ inches, light hair, blue eyes, aged about 18 years, wore a blue smock frock, trowsers and cap.
Resident Magistrate
Resident Magistrate’s Office
Port Elizabeth, 21st April 1860

Tuesday 8 May 1860

DIED at Springfield, Orange Free State, on the 15th inst, Caroline Douglas, the beloved wife of George REED, aged 44 years, 5 months and 25 days, leaving a husband and six children to mourn the loss of an affectionate wife and mother.
Smithfield, April 17th 1860.

Tuesday 15 May 1860

BIRTH at the residence of Dr. MACK, Queenstown, on Friday the 4th inst, Mrs. Richard IMPEY, of Hopewell, of a son.

The Funeral of Mr. Wm. HIGGINS will proceed from his late residence, Caste Hill. to the place of interment this afternoon at 4 o’clock. Friends are invited to attend.
Port Elizabeth, 15th May 1860.

Friday 18 May 1860

The Funeral of the late Mr. William MACHIN will proceed from his late residence, Military Road, to the place of interment this afternoon at 4 o’clock. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.
Port Elizabeth, 18th May 1860.

Friday 25 May 1860

BIRTH at Mowbray Park, near King William’s Town, on Friday 18th inst, the wife of Mr. F. HUGHES Jun. of a son.

The Funeral of the late Mr. William PRESTON will proceed from his late residence, North End, to the place of interment this afternoon at ¼to 4 o’clock precisely.
Port Elizabeth, 25th May 1860.

John CAMPBELL, formerly Serjeant in the 90th Regiment, and also served during the last Kafir War, in the Mounted Police Force under Captain DAVIES, having died on a Smousing trip at the residence of J.C. WARNER Esq, Tambookie Agent, about eighteen months ago, the undersigned solicits any information respecting the particulars of his death, property in England being in the hands of executors who will not settle affairs without certified information as to the date and place of the said John CAMPBELL’s decease.
Anyone kindly furnishing the requisite information shall be rewarded for their trouble.
Port Elizabeth, 25th May 1860
> Deceased had a location at Woburn, one of the Military Villages.

Tuesday 29 May 1860

DIED at Bushy Park on the 26th May 1860, Mrs. LOVEMORE, aged 66 years, widow of the late Henry LOVEMORE Esq. of Bushy Park.

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the night of the 27th inst, Mr. George HIPPERT Sen., aged 70 years 4 months and 10 days. Deeply regretted by his relatives and friends. The remains will be interred this day at Uitenhage, at 4 o’clock.

Friday 1 June 1860

BIRTH on the 31st May, Mrs. J.C. [..LES] of a daughter.
Port Elizabeth, 1st June 1860.

DIED at Graaff-Reinet on the 24th May, Mr. Harry DODD, 36 years and 4 months.
Graaff-Reinet, 31st May 1860

Saddler, Collar and Harness Maker
begs to inform his customers that he has removed to those large premises opposite the
Golden Eagle,
and next door to Mr. LENNON, Chemist and Druggist, where he intends carrying on the trade in all its branches, and as he is now in a position to purchase the very best material at the very lowest price, he can defy competition as to Workmanship, Material and Price.
All orders punctually attended to,

Friday 8 June 1860

DIED on Saturday June 2nd, Anne, youngest daughter of Mr. H.M. SCRIVENOR, aged 9 months.

Tuesday 12 June 1860

BIRTH yesterday, the 11th inst, Mrs. WORMALD of a son, still-born.

DIED at Port Elizabeth, June 2nd, after a lingering illness, Mr. George FEATHER, aged 42 years. Deeply regretted.

DIED at Uitenhage, on the 8th June 1860, Elizabeth beloved wife of Alexander CUNNINGHAM Sen, aged 63 years, 8 months and 13 days. Deeply lamented by her family and friends.

Friday 15 June 1860

DIED at Uitenhage on Friday the 8th inst, Edwin Newson, infant son of Mr. W. Septimus JONES, of Port Elizabeth, aged 8 months.

with their Names, Ages and Occupations.

AHERN, Owen 21   general labourer
ARMSTRONG, Joseph 25 for the Frontier Police staff
ATKINSON, Robert 20 and John, 21, farm labourers
ATTWOOD, Henry J. 39 tailor
BLAIR, James 21 light [packer] and general labourer
    Rotation 589. Permit 554.
    Going to Thomas BLAIR, baker, Port Elizabeth
BODILL, Thomas 31 bricklayer and plasterer
    Rotation 812. Permit 754.
    Going to Joseph BODILL, blacksmith, Port Elizabeth
BARNES, Edward J. 23 painter, plumber and glazier
BENNETT, Lewis 30 cabinetmaker; Mary A, 31
BISHOP, Thomas 46 farm labourer; Ann, 42
    George, 16, farm labourer; Edwin, 13; and two children
BARKER, Thomas 23 farm labourer
BEECH, James 16 bricklayer's labourer
BOBBIT, Samuel 40 general labourer; Jane, 42, dressmaker
    Elizabeth, 15, milliner; Eliza A, 13
BANNERMAN, Peter 23 carpenter
BURROWES, David 25 farm labourer
BEST, Thomas 25 farm labourer
BUTLER, Thomas 24 turner and carpenter
BAKER, James 26 farm labourer; Mary Anne, 21, house servant
    brother and sister
BURROWES, Michael 27 farm labourer; Catherine, 25; and two children
CARROLL, Margaret 23 and Ellen, 20, house servants
    Rotation 741. Permit 694.
    Going to John CARROLL
    assistant commissariat storekeeper, Peddie district
CLARINGBOULD, John 33 farm labourer
    Rotation 811. Permit 758.
    Going to E. TUNBRIDGE [Addo Drift, Uitenhage]
CURTIN, Catherine 19 farm servant
    Going with James DALY
COOPER, Theophilus 18 pastry cook and baker
    Rotation 858. Permit 796.
    Going to Henry J. BOYNTON, carpenter, Alexandria
CROWE, John 40 [overseer]; Anne, 40; 
    Mary Jane, 14; and two children
COLES, James 19 [mason's labourer]
CATTELL, Edward 35 farm labourer
COOK, Richard 22 [Frontier Police, Grahamstown]
COURTNAY, Daniel 23 [Frontier Police, Grahamstown]
CONNOR, Mary 27 house servant
CREE, Robert 19 farm labourer
CORBETT, Henry 21 farm labourer
COLE, Joseph 20 farm labourer
DUDLEY, Elizabeth 20 house servant
DALY, James 27 farm labourer; Mary,21; and one child
    Rotation 661. Permit 616.
    Going to John O'BRIEN, labourer, Port Elizabeth
DYKE, Emma 18 house servant
DROWLEY, Jane 26 cook
DAVIDSON, Barbara 24 cook and nurserymaid
DRENNAN, James 23 farm labourer
DONALD, James 23 farm labourer
DUKE, George 22 farm labourer
EDWARDS, William 26 farm labourer; Noresa, 26, house servant; and one child
FITZPATRICK, Thomas 24 farm labourer; John, 30, farm labourer;
    Bridget, 25; and one child
    Rotation 754. Permit 707.
    Going to Susan FITZPATRICK, housemaid, Port Elizabeth
FITZPATRICK, Michael 28 farm labourer; Ann, 30; and three children
FIDGEON, Patrick 23 Frontier police staff
FORD, Michael 26 general labourer; Patrick 24, general labourer;
    Catharine, 20, house servant
    Rotation 872. Permit 808.
    Going to Denis KEIGHRY, hotel keeper, High-street, Graham's Town
FLANAGAN, Samuel  21 farm labourer
FAULKNER, Robert 25 farm labourer
GALLON, John 22 blacksmith and horse-shoer
GIBSON, William 19 farm labourer
[GARNARIE], John 24 farm labourer
GREEN, Mary 18 house servant
HEPPELL, John 22 printer and bookbinder; Jane, 22; and two children
    Rotation 596. Permit 561.
    Going to Essex, Rabone & Co, printers, Graaff-Reinet
HAY, Patrick 15 slater, going with
HEPBURN, Samuel 25 painter and glazier; Agnes, 22, milliner and dressmaker
    Rotation 734. Permit 687.
    Going to Alexander HAY, house-painter,
    Bowker street, Queenstown
HENNESSY, John 19 general labourer
    Rotation 799. Permit 741.
    Going to Andrew KELLY, messenger, commissariat department,
    German Village, King William's Town
HIDE, Thomas 22 farm labourer; and HICKEY Mary, 20, farm servant
    Rotation 766. Permit 718.
    Going to William HICKEY, labourer, Port Elizabeth
HUMPHREYS, William 15 gardener
HALL, William 20 blacksmith and horse-shoer
HORN, Francis 22 carpenter
HILL, Rowland 25 general labourer
HEWITT, James 18 Frontier police staff
HARVEY, Catherine 29 nursemaid
HOLMES, Seth N. 28 Frontier police staff; Mary, 25, house servant
HISCOCKS, Emma 20 cook and housemaid; Mary A, 12, house servant
    Sisters to Ellen MORTIMER
HANCOCK, Walter 28 general labourer; Louisa, 26; and one child
JONES, Frederick 24 shoemaker. Rotation 691. Permit 647.
    Going to Bennet J. EEDY, storekeeper, Port Elizabeth
JENNER, William 19 farm labourer
INGLIS, John 18 farm labourer
JAMIESON, Margaret 26 house servant
JONES, John 21 Frontier police staff
KIELY, Thomas 26 general labourer. Rotation 414. Permit not received.
    Going to Enos RALPH, butcher,
    Black Horse Hotel, Graaff-Reinet
KELLY, Bridget 17 farm servant. Rotation 765. Permit 717.
    Going to Michael KELLY, labourer, Port Elizabeth
KEEFE, Stephen 30 shoemaker; Bridget, 28, house servant
    Rotation 807. Permit 749.
    Going to Mary KEEFE, Port Elizabeth
KELLY, Margaret 18 Catherine, 19, and Ellen, 22, general servants
    Rotation 871. Permit 807.
    Going to Mary KELLY, house servant, Graham's Town
KENNEDY, Patrick 18 farm labourer
LOWDEN, Margaret H. 28 schoolmistress; John B, infant; and Sarah, 34, teacher
    Rotation 797. Permit 7.
    Going to Edward LOWDEN, schoolmaster, Port Elizabeth
LEVINS, Elizabeth 16 nursemaid
LEECH, David 22 farm labourer; Margaret A, 19, house servant
LAPPIN, Archibald 29 farm labourer; Lucinda, 25, cook and housemaid
LITTLE, Thomas 33 farm labourer
LEWIS, Jacob 24 farm and general labourer; Sarah A, 24, house servant
McCAY, James 21 farm labourer; Margaret, 24, house servant;
    Martha J, 18, house servant
McWILLIAMS, Robert 29 overseer; Mary A, 19; and one child
    Rotation 859. Permit 797.
    Going to John NEWING, draper's assistant, Graham's Town
MORONEY, John 21 and Patrick, 18, general labourers
    Rotation 748. Permit 701.
    Going to Michael MORONEY, labourer, Graham's Town
MAGUIRE, George 30 farm labourer; Margaret, 22; and two children
McWILLIAMS, Mary 22 house servant
    Going with her brother, Robert McWILLIAMS
MORTIMER, Robert 23 farm labourer; Ellen, 21, parlour maid
MARKWICK, George 19 gardener
McKAY, Joseph 20 wheelwright
MILES, James 22 general smith and farrier
MURRAY, William 27 blacksmith and farrier
MANSON, John 18 and William, 20, farm labourers
McALLISTER, John 20 farm labourer; Ann, 21, cook and laundress
McQUADE, Patrick 25 farm labourer
McALLION, Sampson 23 farm labourer
MURDOCH, Samuel 25 farm labourer
McCONNELL, William 25 farm labourer
McLAUGLIN, Benjamin 20 farm labourer
MILLWARD, William 21 Frontier police staff
NAUGHTON, Michael 43 farm labourer; Mary, 42; Bridget, 20, house servant;
    Michael, 18, and Patrick, 16, farm servants
    Rotation 837. Permit 779.
    Going to Patrick COLLINS, storeman, Port Elizabeth
NAUGHTON, Margaret 20 farm servant
    Going with her uncle, Michael NAUGHTON
NAPP, Charles George 19 groom for the Fronter police staff
NOONAN, Michael 25 Frontier police staff
NOLAN, Michael 30 farm labourer
NIXON, Sarah J. 20 house servant
PEET, John 20 general labourer
PITTAWAY, Frederick 27 farm labourer; Charlotte, 26; and three children
PITTAWAY, Joseph 38 gardener; Tabitha, 35;
    Henry, 13, and four children
QUATE, William 25 farm labourer; Margaret, 18, house servant
RAGGE, Edward   farm labourer and cattler manager
ROCHE, Mary 20 general servant
    Rotation 661. Permit 616.
    Going to John O'BRIEN, labourer, Port Elizabeth
ROCHE James 27 lime burner and farm labourer; Hannah, 21; and one child
    Rotation 661. Permit 616.
    Going to John O'BRIEN, labourer, Port Elizabeth
RYAN, Martin 22 farm labourer. Rotation 765. Permit 717.
    Going to Michael KELLY, labourer, Port Elizabeth
ROSE, Margaret 13 Going under the charge of Samuel HEPBURN
    to her uncle, Hugh McTAGGART
ROBINSON, James 25 farm labourer; Sarah, 23, house servant; and one child
REA, Thomas 23 farm labourer
RICHARDSON, James 33 cabinet maker; Elizabeth, 32; and four children
ROWLES, James 21 Frontier police staff
SHROSBREE, James 36 boot and shoemaker; Marian, 34; and four children
SEARLE, Joseph 28 boot and shoemaker; Amelia, 26
STURGER, William 29 farm labourer and manager of cattle
SHEFFIELD, John 39 warehouseman; Jane, 38, dressmaker;
    Mary Jane, 16 and Harriet, 14, house servants;
    and three children. Rotation 792 Permit 734.
    Going to James WILLIAMS, Cape Frontier Times office,
    Graham's Town
SHANAHAN, Thomas 22 farm labourer; Mary, 20, farm servant
    Rotation 763. Permit 715.
    Going to Patrick McMAHON, quarryman, Port Elizabeth
SHELDON, James 33 farm bailiff
    Rotation 794. Permit 736.
    Going to Alfred ESSEX Jun., newspaper proprietor,
STEWART, James 35 blacksmith and farrier; Isabella, 33; and two children
SMYTH, Thomas 35 farm labourer and manager of cattle
SHEEHAN, Jeremiah 20 farm labourer
SMYTH, John 22 farm labourer
SOMERS, Susan A, 26 house servant
SINNAMON, Benjamin 24 farm labourer; Mary Jane, 29; and one child
TUOKEY, Thomas 22 farm labourer. Rotation 780. Permit 731.
    Going to Michael TUOKEY, labourer, Port Elizabeth
TUNBRIDGE, Thomas 20 wheelwright; Sarah A, 19; George W, 16, farm labourer;
    Tilden, 25, wheelwright. Rotation 811. Permit 753.
    Going to Edward TUNBRIDGE, wagonmaker,
    Addo Drift, Sunday's River
TAGGART, John 20 farm labourer. 
WATERS, Catherine 20 farm servant. Rotation 765. Permit 749.
    Going to Michael KELLY, labourer, Port Elizabeth
WILKS, William H. 22 gardener and groom
WYLIE, James 20 Frontier police staff
WINTER, John 28 farm labourer

Tuesday 19 June 1860

DIED at Port Elizabeth on Monday evening, June 18th, Agnes Susan, fourth daughter of Mrs. MACKENZIE, aged 17 years.
The Funeral will take place tomorrow at 3 o’clock. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on Saturday 16th June, the wife of Mr. F. WASLEY of a daughter.

Tuesday 26 June 1860

MARRIED by Special Licence at St.Paul’s Church, on the 21st June 1860, by the Rev. Mr. Pickering, Philip FROST Jun. to Maria Magdelin PARKIN, fourth daughter of the late John PARKIN Esq.


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