Eastern Province Herald (later The Herald)

Eastern Province Herald 1859 - 4 - October to December

Tuesday 4 October 1859

The Funeral of the late Mrs. Mary GORDON will proceed from her late residence, behind the Malay mosque, to the place of interment this afternoon at 3 o’clock. Friends are invited to attend.
Jno. MATTHEWS, Undertaker
4th October 1859.

Oct 7 – At Bedford, in re Aletta Wilhelmina DE KLERK (a minor)
Oct 7 – At Queen’s Town, in re Joseph WRIGHT, of the Queen’s Town district, and surviving spouse Elizabeth WRIGHT.
Oct 14 – At Alice, in re John PATERSON, of the Alice district, and surviving spouse Eliza PATERSON.
Oct 18 – At Uitenhage, in re William REAM, or RHEAM, of the Uitenhage district.

Friday 7 October 1859

Notice is hereby given that the Undersigned have entered into Partnership as
General Dealers
under the Style or Firm of FROST AND ROBERTSHAW.
Philip FROST Jr.
Port Elizabeth

Tuesday 11 October 1859

Mr. HARRIES has received instructions to offer for Private Sale the farm
situated on the main Cape Road, 26 miles west from Port Elizabeth, and between the farm “Galgenosch” [sic, should be Galgenbosch] and “Hoenderkop”
This very desirable Property, in extent 2950 acres, is unsurpassed for beauty of scenery, as well as for its Grazing and Agricultural capabilities. It comprises sweet, sour and ‘gebroken veldt’: is abundantly supplied with water and grass, even during the present unprecedented drought; and with arable land to any extent.
The country is well wooded with large and handsome Timber Trees, giving it in places more the appearance of a Gentleman’s Park in England than a South African Farm; and from being bounded on two sides by Government Lands, of immense extent, the grazing may be said to be unlimited.
There is a good Dwelling House upon the Homestead, as also a Licensed House of Accommodation, doing a good business, and which, with some small portions of the Farm let to other parties, brings in a rental of £96 per annum.
To Frontier Farmers, the possession of a place remarkable for such rare properties must be invaluable, affording, as it does, an easily accessible place of refuge for Stock in the event of Kafir disturbances. During the last Kafir War several thousand Head of Cattle were depastured on the Farm.
The Title is clear, and there are no servitudes or rights of other parties on the Ground.
Port Elizabeth
September 29th 1859.

DIED at Hankey on 7th October 1859, George Frederick, third son of the late C. ADCOCK, of Port Elizabeth, after a short but painful illness.

DIED at her residence, Van Staden’s River, on Sunday evening, the 9th October, Mrs. (the Widow) G.L. VAN NIEKERK, aged 83 years.

DIED on Sunday morning, the 9th instant, at Hoenderkop, Martha, the eldest daughter of Mr. Jan A. VAN NIEKERK.

Friday 14 October 1859

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on Wednesday October 12th 1859, Mrs. John WILLIAMS of a son.

MARRIED in Trinity Church on the 18th inst, by the Rev. Mr. Robinson, Mr. James Edward BRUTON, of this town, to Miss Mary Ann WOODMAN.
14th October 1859.

Tuesday 18 October 1859

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 15th October 1859, Mrs. J.W. BROPHY of a son.

DIED on Sunday the 16th inst, after a few hours illness, Frederick Allen, the infant son of W.B. DEARE Esq, aged 5 months. The funeral will proceed to the place of interment this afternoon at 4 o’clock.
18th October 1859.

DIED on the 17th inst, after painful illness, Jessie, daughter of Mr. M. DIESEL, builder, aged 5 months and 6 days. The funeral will proceed to the place of interment tomorrow afternoon at 4 o’clock.

DIED at Port Elizabeth on Wednesday the 12th instant, William Richards, infant son of Mr. George IMPEY Jun.

Mr. Thomas WORMALD has this day been admitted as a Partner in the Business of the Undersigned, which will in future be carried on under the style of CHABAUD & WORMALD.
Attorney and Notary
Port Elizabeth
Sep 14 1859.

Friday 21 October 1859

We (Grahamstown Journal) regret to have to record the death on Sunday last of Mr. James HARPER of HOWARD’s Party, under the following circumstances, which have been furnished to us by one of the family. To this account it is but just to add that Mr. HARPER was one of the most enterprising and successful agriculturists and spared no expense or trouble in introducing such machinery as would economise manual labour. In this he was very successful; being a sort of mechanical genius he not only introduced machinery but frequently improved them by inventions of his own. He will be a loss to the country.
Monday Oct. 17
A fearful accident occurred yesterday to Mr. James HARPER, which terminated fatally. It appears that owing to the continued drought the well-known water mill, belonging to the deceased, had become unavailable for some time past. The recent rains had supplied sufficient water to set the machinery in motion. Yesterday morning about 11 o’clock Mr. HARPER went to that part of the mill where the shaft works which connects the water wheel with the mill, and which revolves in a brick-built tunnel under the main road: through this tunnel the water passes to the water wheel. Mr. HARPER finding some of the water escaping from a hole in the brickwork, appears to have made the attempt to put in a piece of [inch] piping to carry off the surplus water, to prevent its injuring the other part of the works – and to do this he had to creep on his hands and knees into the tunnel, which he unfortunately did without stopping the machinery. It would only have been the work of two or three minutes to have shut off the water from the water wheel. The poor fellow seems, from the appearance of the body, to have crept into the tunnel to that part where the rod from the water wheel joins that of the one from the machinery of the mill, and which are coupled by a small pin, which extends on each side of the rod about two inches. The shaft works about six inches from the bottom of the [furrow], on the top of which the deceased must have been kneeling. By the position of the body, the small pin which runs through the couplet must have caught his jacket, and before he could possibly extricate himself he must have been forced under the shaft, which is only about 6 inches from the bottom of the furrow. The body was not found for some time afterwards. When taken out he was quite dead – his body very much bruised, and his face black, which had the appearance of suffocation. None of his bones were broken – the muscular part of one of his arms had the appearance of having been most fearfully squeezed – although the flesh was not broken – it was but little larger than the bone. Mr. HARPER was favourably known here as one of the most enterprising farmers in this part of the Colony. He leaves a widow and five children.

Tuesday 25 October 1859

DIED on the 24th October 1859, Mr. H.D. DYKE, aged 35 years. His remains will be removed this (Tuesday) afternoon for interment at 4 o’clock, from the Residence of J.R. PHILIP Esq, where friends are requested to attend.

In our obituary of today we regret to have to record the death of our fellow-townsman and co-journalist, Mr. Henry Dunlap DYKE, which occurred yesterday about noon. Mr. DYKE had been sinking gradually for some time past, and the effects of a recent cold, acting upon a system weakened by a painful operation which it was necessary for him to undergo about two years since, accelerated his fate at the comparatively early age of thirty-five years. Mr. DYKE, who was a native of Cape Town, arrived in Port Elizabeth in 1847, soon after which he commenced the Port Elizabeth Telegraph, under the editorial management of Mr. G.M. COLN, and since then has been connected with both the Telegraph and the Mercury. He was of a kind and amiable disposition and his loss is much regretted by a large circle of friends.

Tuesday 1 November 1859

DIED at Port Elizabeth after a short illness, deeply regretted by his parents, William Tennant, infant son of William ROBERTS, late commander of the stranded brig [Baselicia].

Tuesday 8 November 1859

BIRTH on the 5th November, the wife of Mr. H.M.H. ORPEN of a son.

DIED on the 29th October, Mr. John James BERRY, aged 84 years and 4 months, leaving a large family of children and grandchildren to lament his death. Deceased was born in Norfolk, England, and came to this colony in the year 1797, and was both the oldest inhabitant in Port Elizabeth and the oldest colonist, having lived 62 years in South Africa. The family of the deceased wish to thank the many kind friends who testified their respect by following his remains to the grave.

Tuesday 15 November 1859

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 15th inst, the wife of Dr. COWARD of a son.

MARRIED at Uitenhage on Monday the 13th November [sic] 1859, Mr. J.J. HUMAN of Sand Flats to Miss Sarah Johanna Charina FERREIRA, of Sunday’s River, second daughter of I.J. FERREIRA Esq, Reit Fontein, Sunday’s River.
[Transcriber’s note: The marriage certificate shows that the ceremony took place on Monday 14th November between Johannes Jurry HUMAN and Susara Johanna Catharina FERREIRA]

MARRIED in “Commemoration Chapel” on Thursday morning, 10th Nov, by the Rev. J. Richards, John JACKINS, second son of J. JACKINS Esq, of Red Hill farm, to Martha PATRICK, niece of W. WEDDERBURN Sen, Graham’s Town.

DIED on the 8th instant, greatly regretted, at his residence Zwartie Koppen, William Reading MERRITT Esq, Surgeon, aged 51 years. He was a good and obliging neighbour, a kind and sincere friend, and a most talented and successful medical practitioner.
Nov 10 1859

The Funeral of the late Mr. A, ROBERTS will proceed from his late residence near the Crown Steam Mills to the place of interment tomorrow afternoon at a quarter to 4 o’clock. Friends are invited to attend.
Port Elizabeth Nov 15th 1859.

Friday 19 November 1859 [sic]

The Bermondsey, Capt. ABBOTT, arrived here on Wednesday afternoon about four o’clock, after a [obscured] tedious passage of eighty-three days from Southampton, having sailed on the 25th August last. She brings to this province [229] immigrants, a list of whose names, ages, [occupations] &c we publish below.
[Transcriber’s note; The rest of the paragraph is somewhat smudged but is likely to be very similar to the introductions to the other passenger lists for 1859 re inspection of the vessel.]
We have referred above to the crowded state of the ship, and we would here add that the Bermondsey, which is a barque of 507 tons, appears to us to be altogether too small for the number of immigrants sent out by her, and there are objectionable features in the arrangement of her accommodation which we cannot but think will be pointed out by the immigration agent in his report to government. For instance, the only access to the berths used by the single women is through the married persons’ department, and the manner in which this is divided off is objectionable. Other arrangements struck us as not the best that could have been devised. The surgeon’s dispensary, bath room &c are also very small, and everything ad a crowded, cramped-up appearance. In making these remarks it must not be thought that we mean to make any reflection on the captain of the vessel, who, as we have before remarked, did all he could to render the voyage as agreeable and pleasant as possible.

ARGYLE, John 26   Blacksmith; Patience, 27; and two children.
BROADBROOK, Helena 22 Teacher; Charles, 20, constable (Irish)
    Rotation 492. Permit 463.
    Going to Arthur GILSTAIN, soda water manufacturer, Graaff-Reinet.
BOARD, Thomas 31 Wheelwright; Matilda, 24.
BANKS, Charles 41 Printer
    Going to Mr. CALDECOTT, Graham's Town.
BOWYER, Charles 23 Blacksmith
BR[ON]CHER, James 34 Ships carpenter
BIDDECOMBE, Joseph 20 Wheelwright and wagon maker
BODDINGTON, William 22 Bootmaker
BURKE, John 30 Plasterer and slater; Mary, 27, and three children.
BAIRD, George 19 Cabinet maker and joiner
BOARD, William 40 Stonemason; Jane, 38, and three children.
BISHOP, James 20 Bricklayer; Mary, 20, house servant
COOPER, John 37 Carpenter and joiner; Sophia, 36, and three children.
CROSS, Edward 22 Baker
COTTY, William 47 Carpenter; Elizabeth, 30; Sydney, 17; William, 15; 
    Alban, 13; Susan, 11; Jane, 6; George, 5; Henry, 3.
CARTER, George 24 Labourer; 
    Going to Mr. Chas. ADCOCK, Port Elizabeth.
COX, Thomas 20 Saddler and harness maker
COOPER, Edwin 19 Shoemaker
CONNORS, Margaret 22 Domestic servant
CARD, Thomas 22 Carpenter
CLANCY, Mary 26 Housemaid
COONEY, Patrick 22 Farm labourer
CAMPBELL, James 28 Plumber; Ann, 25; and two children.
CLARK, Margaret 28 House servant
CROZIER, Lucy 22 Nursery maid
DODSWORTH, John 35 Saddler and harness maker; Hannah, 24; and two children.
DWYER, James 22 Farm labourer. Rotation 515. Permit 48.
    Going to John HENNESSY, Port Elizabeth.
DILLON, Elizabeth 10 With Thomas O'BRYAN
DYNAN, David 20 Farm labourer
DYCE, James 21 Joiner
DUFFAS, Mary 29 Housemaid
DUTHIE, John 21 Ploughman; Clementina, 22; and one child.
EATON, George 25 Painter and glazier; Jane, 23; and two children.
ETHERINGTON, Alfred J. 27 Rubble mason
FLANAGAN, William 20 Farm labourer; Rotation 545. Permit __ .
    Going to Michael FLANAGAN, Port Elizabeth.
FINNESSY, Michael 25 Farm labourer; Mary, 22, housemaid; 
    Michael, 20, farm labourer; Margaret, 18, housemaid.
FOX, William 27 Coach, house and letter painter
GOODLAND, Charles 21 Baker
GORMAN, John 18 Farm labourer
GLASS, William 20 Carpenter
GULLY, Catherine 17 House servant
HENNESSY, Richard 21 Farm labourer; Rotation 515. Permit 486.
    Going to John HENNESSY, Port Elizabeth.
HODGES, Edward 28 Store porter; Charity, 25; and three children.
    Rotation 541. Permit 511.
    Going to Eleazar HODGES, mason, Port Elizabeth.
HOTCHKIN, John 23 Bricklayer
HANRAHAN, Bryan 31 Sawyer; Johanna, 28; and three children.
HOLOHAN, Joseph 21 Farm labourer; Mary, 20, house servant; and one child.
HOPE, Thomas 25 Dyer and house servant; Mary, 28; and two children.
    Going to Mr. JENKINS, dyer, New Street, Graham's Town.
HEPBURN, William 24 Slater
HORLOCK, Mary Ann 22 Cook and housemaid
JONES, William Henry 30 Bricklayer and plasterer; Eliza Stewart, 23;
    William Henry Clarence, 5; Lizzy, 3;
    Maria, 27, house servant.
JOHNSTONE, Bryce 25 Blacksmith and farrier
JOHNSTONE, James 40 Shoemaker; Mary A., 40; Louisa, 11.
KEANE, Patrick 20 Shopman and baker
KENNEDY, Matthew 21 Farm labourer
KINAVAN, John 22 Farm labourer and groom
KEANE, Patrick 20 Farm labourer
KINSLEY, Patrick 42 Wagon maker and wheelwright; Mary, 38;
    Peter, 14, farm labourer; Denis, 12, ditto; Maria, .
KINDNESS, John 32 Joiner; Ann, 23; and three children.
LANGLEY, Edward 44 Coach and wagon maker; Sarah A., 42;
    Charles, 17, shoemaker; Sarah, 15, general house servant;
    and four children.
    Going to Mr. HANCOCK, Graham's Town.
LEWIS, James S. 21 Farm labourer; Susan, 21, cook.
LEAMY, Martin 22 Farm labourer
LYNCH, Michael 25 Farm labourer
LUMSDEN, Peter 38 Blacksmith; Isabella, 36;
    Elizabeth, 19, house servant; Margaret, 17, ditto.
MITTEN, John 40 Cabinet maker and carpenter; 
    Elizabeth, 43, house servant; and three children.
MALE, Charles 42 Carpenter and joiner; Elizabeth, 35; and two children.
Mc[AVOY], Arthur 28 Shopman; Rotation 562. Permit 531.
    Going to William KELLY, Graham's Town.
MILLS, Thomas P. 23 Carpenter; Angelina E., 22.
MALONEY, Bridget 24 Housemaid
McCARTHY, Honora 20 Housemaid
MACNAMARA 20 Farm labourer
MANGAM, John 40 Carpenter; Catherine, 35; and two children.
MANGAM, John 20 Carpenter; Winifred, 24.
McNAMARA, Anne 18 Housemaid
MITCHELL, Alexander 31 Wheelwright; Eliza, 26; and three children
MUNRO, George 24 Joiner
McNICHOLS, Peter 25 Farm labourer and shepherd
OLD, James 20 Carpenter
O'BRYAN, Thomas 22 Farm labourer
O'DEA, Connor 29 Farm labourer
OGILVIE, William 21 Farm labourer
PRIOR, Edwin 24 Bootmaker; Elizabeth, 20; and two children.
PORCH, Henry 22 Shoemaker
PETRIE, Alexander 27 Farm labourer
PURGAVIE, James 25 Gardener and farm labourer
RIDDLE, Walter 21 Blacksmith
REEVES, Samuel 23 Carpenter and joiner; Amelia, 27; and one child.
RUSSELL, Stephen 20 Farm labourer
ROGERS, Daniel 16 Farm servant; Rotation 23. Permit _
    Going to John ROGERS, Port Elizabeth.
ROUGHAN, Patrick 20 Farm labourer
RAMSAY, William 21 Joiner
REID, John 26 Joiner
ROBERTS, James 23 Brickmaker; Margaret, 22, farm servant.
ROGERS, Patrick 29 Farm labourer
SHORT, Louisa 22 General house servant
SOANES, Joseph 23 Bricklayer
SLATTERY, Bridget 18 Housemaid
STEWART, Robert 27 Shoemaker; Charlotte, 20.
SPITTAL, John 23 Sawyer
SCOTT, George 23 Joiner
SCOTT, Margaret 22 House servant
SCOTT, Lawrence 28 Joiner
SCOTT, George 24 Ploughman
SLACK, William 43 Bricklayer; Sarah, 43.
SLADE, Elizabeth 21 General house servant
SMITH, George 24 Smith
THORNTON, Martin 21 Farm labourer
TIDMARSH, Edwin 27 Shoemaker
VICKERS, Andrew 34 Printer; Mary Ann, 34; and 6 children
    Going to Mr. CALDECOTT, Graham's Town.
WHITEHORN, Henry 28 Farm labourer; Sarah, 27; and 3 children.
    Rotation 591. Permit 556.
    Going to George CLACK, sheep farmer,
    Sweet Kloof, District of Albany.
WHITEHORN, James 22 Farm labourer. Relative of Henry WHITEHORN.
WILL, Alexander 26 Blacksmith; Sarah, 24; and 2 children.
YEOMAN, James 24 Butcher
YOUNG, Sarah 18 House servant

[Transcriber’s note: This issue was very prone to bleedthrough, hence some of the names and ages were difficult to read. Fortunately I have a copy of Esme Bull’s “Aided Immigration from Britain to South Africa 1857-1867”, and was able to check against her listings. Often when the print is smudged it is difficult to tell 23 from 28, for example, so when in doubt I used Esme Bull, but occasionally the type here was clear and the spelling of a name or the age differed slightly from Bull, in which case I have transcribed it as in the newspaper.]

Tuesday 22 November 1859

MARRIED on the 28th September at Liverpool Road Chapel, London, by the Rev. William Shaw, Rev. Frederick BALLS, of Newent, Gloucestershire, to Wilmot Jane RICHARDS, step-daughter of R. GODLONTON Esq. of Grahamstown.

Friday 25 November 1859

BIRTH at Richmond on the 20th November, the wife of Mr. J.S.O. BRINK of a daughter.

In consequence of the decease of N.P. KROHN Esq, on the 14th of last May – Notice is hereby given that the Mercantile business hitherto carried on in Grahamstown under the firm of N.P. KROHN & Co will cease and determine according to Articles of Partnership on the 14th November 1859.
All debts due to, and the liabilities of the said firm, will be received and adjusted at the usual place of business by Mr. Edward BOOTH, one of the Partners, for himself and on account of
London, Oct 3 1859.

With reference to the preceding advertisement – Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have united in Partnership under the firm of MAYNARD, BOOTH & Co, for the continuance of their long established Mercantile and Agency business in the City of Grahamstown
London, Oct 3 1859
Grahamstown, Nov 15 1859
London, Oct 3 1859

Nov 29 – At Uitenhage, in re Louisa Josina BROWNE, widow of the late John George [ROSCHER…], of the Uitenhage district.
Nov 30 – At Grahamstown, in re Sarah BERRINGTON, born CROUCH, of the Grahamstown district, and surviving spouse Thomas BERRINGTON.
Dec 3 – At Colesberg, in re Maria Susanna VAN ZYL, of the Colesberg district, and surviving spouse Willem Johannes VON BILJOEN.
Dec 5 – At Uitenhage, in re Hendrik Lucas Cornelis VAN STADEN, of the Uitenhage district, and surviving spouse Hester Magdalena VAN STADEN.

Tuesday 29 November 1859

MARRIED at the residence of Mr. Charles BOULTON, on Monday 28th November 1859, by the Rev. A. Robson, Mr. Henry CRACKNELL to Jane Mary Evet THOMPSON, both f this town.
Port Elizabeth
28th November 1859.

DIED at his residence, Cuyler Manor, on Saturday evening, the 26th inst, William ARMSTRONG, in the fifty-fourth year of his age.

Friday 2 December 1859

DIED at Uitenhage on the 1st inst, after a lingering illness, Wilhelmina Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. J.G. SCHLEMMER, of Uitenhage, and beloved wife of Mr. Geo. GRUBER of Port Elizabeth. Aged 33 years.
The funeral will proceed from the residence of Mr. SCHLEMMER, Uitenhage, tomorrow afternoon at 4 o’clock. Friends are invited to attend.

DIED at Paljas Fontein, Griqualand, on the 19th instant, James FOSSEY Esq. Aged 49 years. Deservedly regretted by all his friends.

returns thanks to the inhabitants of Port Elizabeth and South Africa in general for all past favours, and wishes to notify that he has this day disposed of his Business, in Queen-street, Port Elizabeth, to his Brother, Mr. Jessie GEARD, who has long had the management of the same, and from his thorough acquaintance with the wants of his customers, and his business qualifications, he has great pleasure in recommending him to the patronage of his friends.
The Ironmongery Business
at the Old Shop in Strand-street, Port Elizabeth
will still be carried on as heretofore by John GEARD.
Port Elizabeth
December 1st 1859.

Tuesday 6 December 1859

DIED at Port Elizabeth after a lingering illness, John Charles, youngest son of John and Elizabeth SCHWARTZ, aged 15 months.
The funeral will proceed to the place of interment tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 4 o’clock. Friends are kindly invited to attend.
Port Elizabeth
6th December 1859

The funeral of the late Mrs. Richard TEE, senior, will proceed from her late residence, North-end, to the place of interment this afternoon at half past three o’clock. Friends are kindly invited to attend.
Port Elizabeth
Tuesday Dec 6 1859

DIED on the 27th November at the residence of his son, Joseph GREEN, Coega, Mr. Joseph GREEN Sen. Aged 94 years. Arrived in the Colony December 1855. No other Colonist is supposed ever to have rounded the Cape at such an advanced age; and singularly he died on the anniversary of his natal day.

Tuesday 13 December 1859

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the 11th instant, Elizabeth Catharine, youngest child of Mr. Francis THOMPSON, aged 3 months.

Dec 20 – At Uitenhage, in re August or Mantatu, of the Uitenhage district.
Dec 26 – At Bathurst, in re Dorothy SIMPSON, of the Bathurst district, and surviving spouse Thomas COCKCROFT.
Dec 27 – At Uitenhage, in re Jacobus Francois NEL, of the Uitenhage district, and surviving spouse Anna Gertruida COMBRINK.
Dec 28 – At Port Elizabeth, in re John ACTON, of the Port Elizabeth district, and surviving spouse Mary DEVITT.
Dec 28 – At Port Elizabeth, in re Jan ROOSTOFF and predeceased spouse Mietje ROOSTOFF, of the Port Elizabeth district.
Dec 27 – At Graaff-Reinet, in re Franciena FRANCOIS, widow of the late FRANCOIS, of the Graaff-Reinet district.
Dec 27 – At Uitenhage, in re Caroline Elizabeth ERASMUS, of the Uitenhage district, and surviving spouse Johannes Martinus OELOPS.

Friday 16 December 1859

DIED at Port Elizabeth on Wednesday the 14th instant, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. McKENZIE, Amelia, relict of the late David McMASTER, of Linton, Macazana, aged 68 years.

Friday 23 December 1859

The funeral of the late Alexander BANKS will proceed from the residence of Mr. SCOTT, Strand-street, to the place of interment this afternoon at 4 o’clock. Friends are invited to attend.
Port Elizabeth
23rd December 1859

Tuesday 27 December 1859

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 24th inst, the wife of Mr. W. Septimus JONES of a son.

MARRIED in Commemoration Chapel, Grahamstown, by the Rev. W. Impey, General Superintendent of Wesleyan Missions, on Wednesday the 21st December 1859, Mr. Thomas Carey STREET to Georgia Sophia Sarah, only daughter of George SLATER Esq.

DIED on the 30th October at 10 King Edward Terrace, Liverpool-road, Islington, London, after a protracted illness of several years, borne with Christian fortitude and resignation, Anna Maria, the beloved wife of Mr. John VICARY, and the revered mother of Mr. Alfred Bishop VICARY, of Cape Town, aged 54 years. She was a devoted and attached wife and a loving and affectionate parent, and died deeply regretted by all who knew her.

Friday 30 December 1859

List of Immigrants by the “Ascendant”

AKEHURST, Ebeneze 21 Cabinet maker and joiner
ASHDOWN, Lucy 40 House servant; Louisa C., 6, house servant
    Ada, 10.
    Mrs. ASHDOWN has paid £18 for her passage.
ANDERSON, George 20 Farm labourer
ANDERSON, David 25 Farm labourer; Agnes, 28; John, 2.
BURNETT, Juliana 28 House servant
BURLEY, Maria 21 House servant. Rotation 536. Permit 506.
    Going to James COBURN, labourer at Mr. HOOK's store, Graham's Town
BAIN, Jane 22 House servant
BOWEN, James 25 Sawyer; Denis, 19, general labourer;
    Mary, 22, house servant; Catherine, 20, house servant.
    Rotation 494. Permit 465.
    Going to John BOWEN, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
BORLAND, Alexander 22 Blacksmith. Rotation 544. Permit 514.
    Going to Archibald BORLAND, blacksmith, Port Elizabeth.
BURNS, John 59 Grocer; Jane, 42, dressmaker.
    Rotation 569. Permit Form D14.
    Going to his son John BURNS, Customs, Port Elizabeth.
    Full amount of passage money of John BURNS
    to be paid within six months after arrival.
BUMFORD, Elizabeth 45 Cook. Rotation 289. Permit 282.
    Going to Denis KEIGHEY, milkman, Graham's Town.
John BOARDMAN   House and ship joiner; Deborah, 23.
    Rotation 276. Permit 269.
    Going to Moses DAVIS, clerk in store, Port Elizabeth.
BREHANEY, Patrick 27 Farm labourer
BRENNAN, John 29 Farm labourer
BALDOCK, Anne 16 House servant. With Louisa WINDSOR.
BAKER, William 28 Smith and farrier
BREMNER, James 19 Farm servant; Barbara, 21, farm servant.
BEATON, Kenneth 22 Farm labourer
BIRES, William 22 Farm labourer
COONAN, Bridget 21 General house servant
CRUMP, Charles H. 24 Farm labourer
CAREY, William 28 Blacksmith and farrier
CONNOLLY, Michael 19 Farm labourer
COX, John 27 Bricklayer; Eliza, 28; and two children.
CUDMER, Thomas 20 Farm labourer
COONEY, John 24 Farm labourer
CHITTENDEN, John M. 39 Carpenter and joiner; Harriet, 20; and one child.
COLLINS, Michael 20 Farm labourer
DASHWOOD, Francis 38 Printer; Sarah, 38; and six children.
    Going to Mr. CALDECOTT, Graham's Town.
DIGIDAN, Edmond 26 Farm labourer; Mary, 24; and three children.
DAVIES, John S. 24 Gardener; Ellen, 27, dressmaker.
DEAN, Joseph 25 Tailor; Margaret, 23;and one child.
    Rotation 95. Permit not received.
    Going to Mr. McCABE, tailor, Main-street, Port Elizabeth.
DOWNIE, Alexander 24 Farm servant and groom
DUNCAN, Alexander 22 Farm labourer and blacksmith
EARLE, Mary 20 Housemaid
FAIRWEATHER, William 25 Margaret, 27; and four children.
FIELD, William 20 Bricklayer
FITZGERALD, Michael 30 Butcher and labourer; Eliza, 28; and one child.
FRAWLEY, Patrick 20 Farm labourer
FRASER, Alexander 22 Farm labourer
GUCKAVEN, Margaret 20 House servant
GLAYSHER, William 20 General smith
GUNN, Francis 39 Bootmaker; Hannah, 39; and three children.
GOWIE, Alexander 42 Tailor; Helen, 37; and eight children.
    Going to his brother John GOWIE, Graham's Town.
    This family are to be taken charge of upon landing,
    at the expense of the brother.
GARRETT, Mary A.   Dressmaker; Frederick, 20, bootmaker.
    Rotation 634. Permit 595.
    Going to Frederick GARRETT, her husband, 
    saddler, Fort Beaufort. 
    £10 paid towards Frederick GARRETT's passage,
    he being deformed. The balance to be paid
    on his arrival in the colony.
GAVIN, Ellen 28 House servant
GOODMAN, Thomas 18 Shoemaker
GRANT, James 36 Farm servant; Eliza, 33; and five children.
GLENNIE, William 24 Farm labourer and joiner
GRANT, Alexander 28 Farm labourer and store porter
HEAD, Bridget 25 House servant
    Rotation 568. Permit 508.
    Going to Philp HANLEY, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
HYLAND, Edwin 17 General labourer. Rotation 540. Permit 510.
    Going to George HYLAND, storeman, Port Elizabeth.
HYLAND, George 27 Farm labourer; John, 19, farm labourer.
    Cousins of Edwin HYLAND.
HART, Ockley 28 Gunsmith. Rotation 334. Permit 328.
    Going to Alfred HART, cabinet maker, Zwartkop's River.
HENLEY, Caroline E. 38 Milliner and dressmaker
    Rotation 552. Permit 521.
    Going to Daniel CORBETT, tailor, 
    Church-street, Graaff-Reinet.
HILLIER, William 38 Farm labourer; Caroline, 36, house servant.
HERRICK, Patrick 22 Farm labourer; Mary, 20, house servant.
HOGAN, Martin 20 Farm labourer
HALLORAN, Michael 23 Farm labourer; John, 21, farm labourer.
HORRIGAN, Mary 1 Housemaid
HOGSFLESH, Amos 17 General labourer
HEHIR, Patrick 24 Shoemaker; Anne, 24, housemaid; and two children.
HODGE, William 33 Farm servant; Mary, 30, and one child.
JUPP, David 33 Farm labourer; Mary, 29; and four children.
JUGLE, George C. 35 Coach painter; Louisa, 39, and four children.
    Rotation 102. Permit 96.
    Going to William JUGLE, wagon maker, 
    Hill-street, Graham's Town.
JUNIPER, John 29 Bricklayer; Sarah, 29; and one child.
JENNER, Richard E. 19 Carpenter
KIELEHAN, Patrick 19 Farm labourer
KENNSLEY, Edmond 23 Farm labourer
KIRWAN, John 18 Farm labourer
KILROE, Michael 23 Farm labourer
KELLY, John 29 Tailor; Ann, 30; and one child.
    Rotation 95. Permit not received.
    Going to Mr. Thomas McCABE, tailor,
    Main-street, Port Elizabeth.
    Selected by Mr. Charles LIVERMORE, his agent.
LESLIE, Peter 20 Farm labourer
LACEY, Catherine 17 House servant. Rotation 183 Permit 178.
    Going to Thomas KELLY, police constable,
    Caledon-street, Uitenhage Town.
MADIGAN, James 20 Farm labourer; John, 22, farm labourer.
    Rotation 582. Permit 478.
    Going to James LARENY, Port Elizabeth.
MANGER, Harriet 20 House servant
MAHER, Mary 25 Farm servant
MORAN, Michael 22 Farm labourer
McKAY, George 46 Farm labourer; Christina, 45; and five children.
    Rotation 138. Permit 135.
    Going to Donald McKAY, pensioner,
    8 McKinnon-street, King William's Town.
McGRATH, Ellen 18 Housemaid
MACNAMARA, Bridget 20 Housemaid
MALONEY, Patrick 22 Farm labourer
MULLICAN, Daniel 22 Farm labourer
MALONEY, Julia 27 Housemaid
MIDDLETON, John 24 Farm servant
McARTHUR, William 18 Farm labourer
MORTIMER, Francis 40 Farm labourer
McLEOD, Margaret 20 House servant
NEWSON, George 22 Coach painter
O'LEARY, David 24 Farm labourer; Margaret, 22, farm servant.
O'BRIEN, John 22 Farm labourer
O'LAUGHLIN, Mary 20- Housemaid
OGILVIE, William 36 Farm labourer and shepherd
PASS, Edward 17 Brickmaker. Rotation 573. Permit 540
    Going to Stephen GOLDSMITH, brickmaker, Port Elizabeth.
PEARSON, Charles E. 23 Bootmaker; Ellen, 21.
    Rotation 538. Permit 509.
    Going to Isaac PEARSON, baker, Port Elizabeth.
PINCHES, Thomas 45 Farm servant; Susannah, 41.
    Rotation 642. Permit 602.
    Going to James MOORCROFT, agriculturist,
    Winterberg, near Post Retief, district of Fort Beaufort.
QUIN, James 35 Farm labourer; Margaret, 30; and four children.
RICHARDSON, Richard 22 Carpenter; Fanny, 22; and one child.
ROURKE, Bridget 24 House servant. Rotation 568. Permit 508.
    Going to Philp HANLEY, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
SMITH, James 33 Farm labourer and sawyer; Margaret, 28; and 3 children.
[STAFF], William 21 Bricklayer
SMYTH, Terence 21 Farm labourer
SMITH, James 26 Shoemaker; Mary A., 24, dressmaker.
    Rotation 413. Permit 389.
    Going to Robert HUTTON, carpenter, Graaff-Reinet.
SHORT, Fanny 18 House servant. With Louisa WINDSOR.
SMITH, William 26 Shoemaker
STARK, James 20 Farm labourer
SULLIVAN, Alexander 27 General labourer; Mary, 26; and two children.
SINCLAIR, John 19 Farm labourer
STARLING, James 40 Farm labourer; Eliza, 26; James, 17, farm labourer;
    Susannah, 13; Sidney H., 2.
SIMPSON, David 38 Farm servant; Jean, 38; and three children.
TUOHEY, William 25 Farm labourer
TORPY, Dominick 18 Farm labourer; Peter, 21, farm labourer.
TIGHE, Rody 19 Farm labourer and cart driver
VINCENT, Emma 24 Housemaid
WATERS, Margaret 40 House servant; Ellen, 15, house servant;
    and four children. Rotation 169. Permit 165.
    Going to Ellen MURPHY, shopkeeper, Port Elizabeth.
WINDSOR, Louisa E. 45 Nurse; Emily E., 18, housemaid; Louisa J., 14;
    Charles S., 13. Going to her sister,
    Mrs. Caroline PITCHERS, Graham's Town.
WHITE, John 28 Carpenter and joiner; Maria, 26
WALSH, William 25 Farm labourer; Mary, 18, farm servant;
    Mary, 21, farm servant.
WHITE, Samuel 19 Farm labourer
WHITECROSS, Ellen 19 House servant
WALKER, Alexander 24 Farm labourer; Elizabeth, 21; and one child.
YOUNG, Thomas 21 Blacksmith and horse shoer
    Rotation 440. Permit 413.
    Going to John YOUNG, agriculturist, Uitenhage Town.

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1840 to 1860