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Cape Frontier Times

Cape Frontier Times 1841 1 January - March

Wednesday 6 January 1841

Mrs. LOCKE begs to announce to her Friends that her Establishment for Young ladies will re-open on Monday the 18th instant.
Graham's Town, Jan 5 1841.

Mrs. PECK begs to announce to her Friends that her School will re-open on Monday the 11th instant.

Notice to Creditors
In the Insolvent Estate of Walter J.P. WADE R.A. in the District of Albany
All Persons claiming to be Creditors under this Estate are required to take Notice that the Undersigned have been duly elected to, and confirmed in, the appointment of Joint Trustees of the said Estate; and that the Master has appointed the Third Meeting to be held before the Resident Magistrate, at his Office, Graham's Town, on Saturday the 9th January 1841, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Proof of Debts, for receiving the Trustees' Report, and also for the purpose of giving directions to the said Trustees as to the management of the said Estate.
And all Persons indebted to the said Estate are required to pay the same to the first Undersigned, on or before the 1st January 1841, or proceedings will be instituted against them.
Charles FULLER
Joint Trustees

We mentioned in our last that a new steamer for India was building in England, to be called the Phoenix. This was an error as to her destination. The vessel is building for the Cape of Good Hope Steam Navigation Company, and is expected to arrive in Table Bay in September next.

Wednesday 13 January 1841

To Let
For a term of six years, that valuable Sheep Farm Glen Craig, situated on Botha's Hill, and about five miles from Graham's Town, containing 1,000 acres of the best Sheep Pasture, and abundance of water in all seasons. There is a Cottage of two rooms, an outside Store, and extensive Stone Kraals. Also a good Garden, well stocked with Fruit Trees.

Wednesday 20 January 1841

To Creditors and Debtors
The Undersigned on entering upon their administration as Executors Dative to the Estate of the late E.J. TOWNSEND, hereby request that all persons indebted to the Estate will liquidate their respective debts forthwith, and all persons having contra claims are requested to render the same within six weeks from date, in order that they may bring the Estate to a final settlement.
Graham's Town, 30th Dec 1840.

A few days since at the parish church of Himbleton, by the Rev. John Vernon, James HOBBINS Esq of Chaddesley Corbett, after a lengthened courtship of four days, to Harriet, youngest daughter of Mr. William CHAMBERS, of the New-house, Himbleton. The youthful bridegroom was rather past his prime, being in his 77th year, and consequently had no time to lose. His fair bride (who has seen nearly 16 summers) had pity on him, and took him off-hand "for better or worse" - after he had settled upon her the whole of his property, amounting to upwards of £300 a year. It seems that the newly made Benedict offered his heart and hand this previous Monday to Miss Susannah CHAMBERS, the bride's eldest sister, and, on being refused, made overtures to the next sister, Miss Ann, from whom he also received a repulse; but, determined not to be baulked in his intention to obtain a young wife, and remembering that "faint heart ne'er won fair lady", he tried a third time, and, as before stated, was successful, Miss Harriet being unable to resist the pressing solicitations of the persevering wooer. The loving couple are now at Liverpool spending the honeymoon.
Doncaster Chronicle

Wednesday 27 January 1841

In the Insolvent Estate of James FITZGERALD
The Undersigned will cause to be sold on Tuesday the 16th February next, positively and peremptorily to the highest bidder, a certain House and Premises, the late residence of the Insolvent, situate corner of Bathurst and Cyrus Streets, being a very handsome building lately erected, and covered with Zinc.
A certain House and Premises, corner of Bathurst and Market Streets, occupied by Mr. I'ONS, in good repair, and covered with Thatch.
Certain Lots of Ground, lying between the latter building and the house of Mr. SCANLEN.
The Title Deeds may be inspected, and all further particulars learnt, on application to
Sole Trustee.

Wednesday 3 February 1841

MARRIED by Special Licence in St.George's Church by the Rev John Heavyside AM, Richard John EATON Esq, Clerk of the Peace for the Division of Albany, to Mary Anne, only daughter of George C. SANDFORD Esq, Assistant Commissary General to Her Majesty's Forces at the Cape of Good Hope.
Graham's Town, Cape of Good Hope
Feb 3 1841.

Mrs. FINLAYSON begs to inform her Friends and the Public that her Hotel, which has for some time back been appropriated to the use of His Excellency the Governor, is again opened, and she trusts that support which she has hitherto received, will still be continued. Accommodation will also be afforded to Travellers &c in the above Establishment; as also good Stabling for Horses.
NB Bottled Ale, Porter and Gilbert's Beer always on hand; as also Tiffins ready at the shortest notice.

Mr. M. NORDEN in returning his sincere thanks to the Public in general for the kind and extensive support they have hitherto afforded him, begs to intimate to those who are indebted to him that he is about retiring from Business, and going to England; and to express a hope that they will give him no trouble at the ensuing Circuit Court; but trusts as they were kind enough to patronise him, they will pay him with the same good will.
Graham's Town, Feb 3 1841.

Notice to Creditors and Debtors
In the Estate of the late John Saunders ELLEGOOD, Captain of Her majesty's 55th Regiment
All Persons having claims against the above Estate are requested to send the same to the Counting House of the Undersigned, within six weeks from the date hereof, and all those indebted to the said Estate are requested to pay the mount [sic] within the same period.
Executor Dative
13th Jan 1841.

Wednesday 10 February 1841

That old established Concern situated on the Sundays River, the property of Mr. Samuel WEBBER, consisting of a large Stone Building, containing two Parlours, nine Bed Rooms, Tap Room, and Kitchen, Stabling for 10 Horses, and other Out Houses, the whole enclosed in a good substantial Stone Wall.
Also a good substantial new burnt Brick and Stone Dwelling House, under a flat roof, near the other premises, well adapted for a Store situated on the main road from Graham's Town to Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, and Cape Town, with front Garden enclosed with a wall.
Also about ten Acres more or less of Land for cultivation, with the privilege of grazing a stipulated number of cattle, sheep and horses, on the Government Ground.
The above will be sold in one or two Lots, to suit purchasers.
Possession can be given of the Inn on the 1st April next, and the remaining part as the parties may agree.
Terms and conditions may be known on application to Messrs. SMITH & PARKER.
Graham's Town Jan 26 1841.

Wednesday 17 February 1841

DIED at Graham's Town on the 12th inst, Morton Nourse BARNES, only son of J. Bice BARNES Esq, aged 7 months.

Notice to Creditors and Debtors
All Persons having any claims against Mr. Samuel PRESTON, Carpenter, New-street, are requested to send in the same within one month from this date to the undersigned – and all persons who are indebted to the above person are requested to liquidate their debts within the same period, otherwise legal proceedings will be instituted against them.
Agent and Collector
Adjoining the Office of the Graham's Town Journal.
Graham's Town, 16th Feb 1840 [sic]

Wednesday 24 February 1841

List of Subscribers for the purpose of improving and repairing the present Roads on the Bathurst side of the Kowie to Graham's Town:
BERRINGTON & Son, additional   8 10 0
LEE & WEBB  5 0 0
Louis NORTON   5 0 0
McKENNY & MANDY   5 0 0
Wm. KIDSON 5 0 0
Wm. SIMPSON 5 0 0
Wm. SHEPHERD 5 0 1
John FORD 5 0 0
Wm. HARTLEY 5 0 0
John MANDY Sen   2 10 0
Thomas COCKROFT   3 0 0
W. CURRIE   2 5 0
J.B. CURLE   1 10 0
Wm. GRAY   1 10 0
McKENNY   1 0 0
P. NORTON   1 0 0
R.H. CAFFYN   1 0 0
B. KEETON   1 9 0
George JARVIS   1 0 0
Thomas JARMAN   1 0 0
Joshua NORTON, Algoa Bay   1 0 0
SMITH & PARKER   1 1 0
George FRANKLIN   1 1 0
Subscription Lists will be opened at the Stores of Messrs. J.D. NORDEN & Co and at R.C. CAFFYN's.

Dissolution of Partnership
I, the Undersigned, Matthew BERRY of Graham's Town, Stone Mason, and Bricklayer, having withdrawn from the Partnership formerly existing between Alexander HYDE, of the same place, and myself, do hereby give Notice to all Persons indebted to our late Firm, not to pay any monies either to the said Alexander HYDE or to me the Undersigned until further notice.
Graham's Town, Feb 23 1941 [sic]
Witness: Edward PARKER, Solicitor.

Wednesday 3 March 1841

BIRTH on Saturday the 27th February, Mrs. F.H. COLE of a Son.

Wednesday 10 March 1841

The Insolvent Estate of John LEONARD of Graham's Town, Tanner.
On Saturday the 3rd April the Undersigned will cause to be put up for Public Sale, in different lots, those extensive and very valuable premises, situated at the top of High street adjoining Scott's Barracks, and extending back to New street, where the Tannery business has been carried on to a large extent for a number of years – having a Tannery replete with every convenience for conducting the same. Particulars can be known by applying to
W.KIDSON, Sole Trustee
Graham's Town, 17th Feb 1841



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