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A Short Summary of the Procedings at the 45th Annual General Meeting of the Genealogical Society of South Africa at Northwest University on 1st March 2008, by Martin Zollner who attended as a delegate on behalf of the eGGSA branch.


1.      Opening & welcome

2.      Attendance: The two KwaZulu-Natal branches were not represented.  For the first time a branch was represented by telecon medium (Colin Pretorius “attended” electronically)

3.      Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting

4.      Call for additional agenda items

5.      Acceptance of reports

5.1.   President’s report: Although there is still much work to be done, the past year was successful.

5.2.   Financial report: GSSA has sufficient funds.  GSSA income generated from products sold is 36.65% of the GSSA’s total income. Limited new products are planned for 2008 which can negatively affect the income of the GSSA.

5.3.   Specific reports

5.3.1.      Technical matters: Webpage (see strategic meeting)

5.4.   Projects & Products

5.4.1.      Cemetery Recording: Version 6 was released at AGM

5.4.2.      Omnibus: See Strategic meeting.

5.5.   Branch reports: Each representative gave a résumé on problem areas within their branch.  Colin gave input on behalf of eGSSA.  The main issues were identified as being aging members & a shortage of competent speakers (especially in smaller centres where there are no universities)

6.      Membership fee: Increased to R130/R110 as from 2009 (the full increase was allocated to branches)

7.      Election of Office Bearers: All current office bearers were re-elected

8.      Application for registration as a non-profit organization: Amendments to the constitution as prescribed in Act No. 71 of 1997 was approved and a revised application is to be submitted.

9.      Next AGM: 7 Mar 2009 in Bloemfontein


General observations:





1.      Projects and products

2.      Establishing contact Government & Archives: Urgently required in order to ensure continued access to archival sources

3.      NEC annual calendar and Branch visits: NEC meetings were  scheduled

4.      Conservation of written sources [Northern Transvaal branch]: noted

5.      Conservation of digital sources [Northern Transvaal branch]: noted

6.      Code of conduct [eGGSA]: Lengthy discussion about semantics: code of conduct vs guidelines; interpretation; how to handle non-compliance; before the meeting rejected the concept, a study of the GSSA’s constitution revealed that the entire code of conduct is encapsulated in the constitution as part of the GSSA’s goals

7.      Dispute Resolution Process [eGGSA]: Accepted.  To be incorporated into the Management Manual

8.      Estate Files Index: not discussed

9.      Omnibus [eGGSA]: GSSA to retain ownership and to publish a next volume

10.  Training of members and branches: not discussed

11.  Electronic meetings: not discussed – concept proven at AGM

12.  The road forward [eGGSA]: No in-depth discussion.  The eGSSA is of opinion that the GSSA should review its palette of products and concentrate its efforts on those products that are unique (i.e. not offered by others), comply to the goals of the GSSA and can generate income.

13.  Federation [Western Cape]: A federation/forum with other organizations was to be investigated/created.

14.  NEC Newsletter [Western Gauteng]: Approved

15.  GSSA Webpage [Western Gauteng]: The proposal was that the eGSSA should take over and manage the GSSA webpage.  The eGSSA’s terms and conditions were tabled and discussed, together with other possible solutions, e.g. hosting by the GSU.  Since the sustainability of any solution is very important, a work group was appointed to do an in-depth investigation and to table a solution with the NEC as soon as possible.  Until then the status quo was to be retained.

16.  Nomination form [Western Gauteng]: To be revised by removing the acceptance by the nominee

17.  Correspondence


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