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Skakel oor na Afrikaans

The Genealogical Society of South Africa

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eGGSA projects

Title:  The eGGSA Passenger List Project

Leader : Richard Wolfaardt

Status : Started 2011 - going well

Web link : The eGGSA Passenger List Project

A project to transcribe all the passenger lists in the South African Archives that the archivists can find for us, to transcribe these and present them in a searchable database.


Title:  South African Records Transcribed

Leader : Richard Ball -  and Corney Keller

Status : Started January 2012 

Web link : South African Records Transcribed

The transcription early archival records concerning South Africa (essentially the Cape of Good Hope) late 17th and early 18th centuries.


Title:  South African Newspaper Extracts

Leader : Sue Mackay -

Status : Ongoing

Web link :  South African Newspaper Extracts

This collection of extracts from South African Newspapers was started by Sue Mackay. Since that beginning a number of others with access to original newspapers have posted transcriptions on various South African mailing lists and have kindly agreed to adding them to this database.

Title:  The 1820 Settler Correspondence

Leader : Sue Mackay -

Status : Ongoing

Web link : The 1820 Settler Correspondence

The Correspondence in connection with the 1820 Cape Settler Scheme is preserved at the UK National Archives at Kew and contained in class CO48. They have been transcribed by Sue Mackay, who has added related information from other archival records.


Title:  Baptism, Marriage and Burial searchable database

Leader : Richard Ball -

Status : Ongoing

Web link : The eGGSA BDM project

We are slowly transcribing a number of church registers and adding them to this database.


Title:  Gravestone photo and inscription project

Leader : Alta Griffiths -

Status : Ongoing

Web link : Gravestone project

This project has as its aim the making available of digital images of gravestones on the eGGSA website. The images are all captioned by volunteers and are part of a fully searchable database which is available to both members and non-members alike. The project was launched late in 2006 and received a major boost with the donation of approximately 25,000 photos by Kobus Snyman. There are currently around 400,000 photographs in this collection.


Title:  Postcards

Leader : Daan Botes

Status : Ongoing

Web link : Postcard Collection

Photographs of postcards contributed by a number of people.


Title:  Bible Family Register project

Leader : Richard Ball -

Status : Ongoing

Web link : Bible inscriptions

The Bible project aims to make digital photos of registers in family Bibles available on the eGSSA website in a searchable format. Where appropriate transcriptions will be provided.


Title:  Archive Document Photo service

Leader : Richard Ball -

Status : Ongoing

Web link : Archives Document Photograph Collection

The eGSSA document photographing project enables both members and non-members to obtain digital photographs of archive documents in various archive depots of the South African Archives through our ordering service. These digital images - mostly death notices and estate files, but other documents as well - are then placed on the eGSSA website, labelled and indexed. The photo database is fully searchable and is open to the general public. Approximately 20,000 photos are currently available as at April 2012.


Title:  Cambridge crematorium (East-London) transcription project

Leader : Brian Barrett -

Status : Ongoing

Web link : East London, Cambridge Crematorium

The Cambridge crematorium in East London has given permission for the 13 registers of cremations covering the period 1959-1996 to be photographed and transcribed. The project leader - Brian Barrett - has generously made available the photographs he has taken of the memorial plaques and is transcribing the registers. The transcribed registers will also be linked to the photos which are already available in eGSSA’s searchable photo library.


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