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Daily Representative

The Daily Representative 1925 1 January - March

Friday, January 2, 1925


LOMBARD.-  At 16 Tylden Street, Queenstown, on the 24th December, W.J.A. LOMBARD, aged 79 years 5 months. The four sons of the deceased wish to thank the Doctors and Nurses, also all kind friends for their kindness, sympathy, and floral tributes.


MILES.-  At Queenstown, on the 20th ultimo, to Mr. and Mrs. Ben MILES, a Daughter.  Both well.

Saturday, January 3, 1925


ADENDORFF.-  At the Frontier Hospital, Queenstown, on Friday morning, 2nd January, 1925, Francis Hugo (Jack), aged 51 years.

Holiday Tragedies.
Young Man and Boy Killed by Lightning
Wagon Cut in Two
Callous Motorist at East London
East London, Friday.
Like other centres, East London has not been devoid of accidents during the holiday season, though fortunately so far these have been unattended with loss of life, except in the following instance.  The violent storm which raged in the Border districts yesterday afternoon brought in its train one of those sad fatalities which so often accompany a war of the elements.  While returning on a wagon from a gymkhana at Toise River in company with several local residents, a young man named FORRESTER, 21 years of age, a son of Mr. Sam FORRESTER, of Ncera, East London district, and James P MORRISON, the 12-year-old son of an East London engine driver, were struck dead by lightning.  The other occupants of the wagon, which was practically cut into two, also received injuries and suffered from shock, but were able to proceed to their homes. – Reuter.

Local & General


There was a representative gathering at the funeral of the late Mr. Francis Hugo ADENDORFF, which took place yesterday afternoon form the Roman Catholic Church, the various public bodies to which the deceased belonged being represented.  The services in the church and at the graveside were conducted by the Rev. Father GATELY.  Mrs. ADENDORFF was chief mourner, ...

Monday, January 5, 1925


BROWN.-  Passed away at Taras Vale, Indwe, on December 21st, 1924, Francis Ernest BROWN, dearly beloved husband of Mary Elizabeth BROWN, and our darling daddy. Deeply mourned by his sorrowing wife and little children.

Tuesday, January 6, 1925

Local & General


Referring to the late Mr. ADENDORFF the "Star" says:  Mr. Francis Hugo will be remembered in Johannesburg as on the bill of many African Theatres productions and also as a member of the Leonard Rayne Company.  Of late years he was his own manager and toured the Union, devoting his attention principally to the smaller towns.  Mr. Hugo married the only child of Madam Amy McGILLIVRAY, the well-known music teacher of Pretoria and Johannesburg.  Miss McGILLIVRAY, who adopted the stage name of Adrienne RAY, was an accomplished actress as well as a teacher of dancing, and toured with her husband, rendering him material assistance in all his dramatic undertakings.  The late Mr. Hugo was a sound actor with a special experience of South African requirements.

Thursday, January 8, 1925


WINNICOTT.-  At 33 Dugmore Street, Queenstown, on the 6th inst., to Mr. and Mrs. R.R. WINNICOTT, a bonny Son.

Friday, January 9, 1925

Tragic Affair at Jeppe
Man Runs Amok and Murders His Wife
Shots at Sister-in-Law
Assailant Finally Attempts Suicide
Johannesburg, Thursday.
A dreadful affair occurred in Betty Street, Jeppe, his morning, when a man named Emile MONTZ (37) is alleged to have murdered his wife, may MONTZ (20) by shooting her and then to have attempted suicide.  After his attack upon his wife MONTZ directed the revolver against his sister-in-law, Mrs. GRIFFITHS, and then her husband and finally fled from the house.  Outside the door and eye-witness says that MONTZ stopped to re-charge the revolver, with which he defied his pursuers, who were quickly on his track.  He shot himself in the chest above the heart and in a wounded condition pursued his flight for about 300 yards.  Finally he fired again at his brother-in-law and then discharged the weapon into his own right ear and collapsed.  He was removed to the Hospital, where he lies in a serious condition.  It is stated that MONTZ and his wife were not happy together and divorce proceedings were pending. – Reuter.

Saturday, January 10, 1925

Local & General


News was received on Thursday morning, says the "Tarkastad Herald," of the very sudden death of Mrs. W.P. POPE, of Queenstown.  Mrs. POPE resided in Tarkastad for nearly 20 years, and this news will come as a sad shock to many friends.  The deceased lady was a staunch adherent of St. Mary's Church, and a skilled musician.  We learn that Mrs. POPE was visiting a friend's house on Wednesday evening, when she was seized with a stroke which caused her death the same night.  Mr. C.F. POPE, her second son, who was visiting in Tarkastad at the time, went over to Queenstown on hearing the sad news, but it is feared that Mr. F.W. POPE will not be able to arrive for some days, he being now stationed at Upington.  The sympathy of all Tarka people will go out to Messrs. POPE and to Mrs. HOPE and Mrs. GOLDSCHMIDT (now in England) in their great and sudden loss.

Monday, January 12, 1925


GIBSON.-  Passed peacefully away at the Nightingale Home, East London, on January 8th, Mary Jane, widow of J.C.F. GIBSON, of 51 Berry Street, Queenstown.


WEBBER.-  To Mr. and Mrs. WEBBER, of farm "Gladstone," a Daughter.  Both well.

Tuesday, January 13, 1925

Local & General

Died a Poor Man.

The late Mr. Archie CRAWFORD, it is understood, died intestate.  No will has been found and the total value of his estate is returned at £10 in cash, while his liabilities are between £200 and £300.  The executrix in the estate is Mr. CRAWFORD's widow, to whom he was married in community of property.  These facts somewhat discount the exaggerated statements of Mr. CRAWFORD's enemies, who alleged that he was subsidised by the enemies of Labour, says the "Rand Daily Mail."  Mr. CRAWFORD evidently died as he had lived – a poor man who devoted his talents and energies to the cause of his fellow workers.

Wednesday, January 14, 1925


LANG.-  Passed peacefully away at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. E. BURT, Stellenbosch, Ann Jane LANG, aged 79 years 16 days, late of Holmleigh, Queenstown.

Thursday, January 15, 1925

In Memoriam

In loving memory of our darling, who died suddenly at Fort Victoria, Southern Rhodesia, on the 15th January, 1922. By her loving Dad, Mother, and Sister.

Saturday, January 17, 1925


WARNER-KIDSON.-  On Tuesday, January 13th, at Wesleyan Church, Lilyvale, by Rev. G.H.P. JACQUES, Louisa Alice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. WARNER, "Mountain Glen," to Herbert Victor, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.F. KIDSON, Queenstown.


MILNER.- Passed away peacefully on the 12th instant, William MILNER, aged 55 years. Deeply mourned by his wife and children.

Local & General

Died in His Bath.

One of the leading tradesmen of Worcester was found dead in his bath shortly before midday on Wednesday.  Mr. J.J. MINNAAR, wholesale produce merchant, whose wife and family have been visiting Hermanus for six weeks, was taking meals at a hotel and spent the evening with friends, leaving for his house at 11.30.  That was the last seen of him alive.  A store boy called at the house about business and got no response to knocks.  Attorney DE KOCK, the nearest neighbour, entered, and a search revealed MINNAAR in the bath, which was filled to overflow with water, the tap still running.  Mr. MINNAAR had apparently been dead some hours.  It is thought he had a fit whilst in the bath.

Tuesday, January 20, 1925

Domestic Tragedy at de Aar.
Husband's Terrible Discovery
Wife and young man found shot dead
De Aar, Monday.
A terrible tragedy was enacted here in the early hours of yesterday morning, when Mrs. LOVE, the wife of a fireman of the S.A. Railways, was apparently murdered and a young man named Christian DU TOIT committed suicide.  LOVE returned from a trip to Kimberley at about two in the morning, and it is reported that he was in a particularly jovial mood when signing off duty at the locomotive sheds before proceeding to his home near at hand.  It had been the custom for Mrs. LOVE to leave the front door unlocked, but on this occasion LOVE found it secured, as was also the back door, and, obtaining no answer to his knocks and hearing the children crying inside, he forced an entrance.  A terrible sight confronted him, the dead bodies of his wife and DU TOIT in night attire lying in a pool of blood, in which the youngest child of only a few months was in danger of being suffocated.  LOVE immediately reported the matter to the police.  Post mortem examinations were held on both the bodies yesterday, and all the information so far available goes to show that the crime was premeditated, DU TOIT actually going to an undertaker on Saturday and asking him what he would charge for making four coffins.  (LOVE's two children were, however, not molested.)  This was taken as a joke.  Ominous seriousness, however, was suspected on Saturday evening, when DU TOIT borrowed a revolver for the ostensible purpose of shooting a cat.  What actually prompted the crime is not clear.  Gossip had been busy with the names of the two deceased for some months, but what brought the affair to such a tragic climax will probably remain a mystery.  LOVE is a quiet, good-tempered man and is highly respected. – Reuter.

Funeral of the Victims

De Aar, Tuesday
The inquest in the case of the LOVE-DU TOIT tragedy will commence at three o'clock this afternoon.  The funeral of DU TOIT took place quietly unaccompanied by the ministrations of the church.  Mrs. LOVE, who was buried yesterday, was given a public funeral, the service of the English Church, of which she was a member, being used. – Reuter.

Thursday, January 22, 1925


HILLS.-  Passed away on the 22nd at the Frontier Hospital, Brian Evelyn, beloved youngest son of Arthur and Irene Grisbrooke HILLS, aged 12 years, of accidental gunshot wounds.

Notice to Creditors.
In the Estate of the late Solomon Buzani NGOMA, who died at Zulumema, district Queenstown.  No. 6310... F.A. VISSER, Attorney for the Executor Testamentary.
Hexagon, Queenstown.

Monday, January 26, 1925

Local & General


The engagement is announced between Miss Avice Noel BOYES, only daughter of the late Mr. George BOYES, formerly Chief Magistrate of Capetown who was previously R.M. at Queenstown, and Mrs. BOYES, and Squadron Leader A.W.F. GLENNY, M.C., D.F.C., R.A.F., only surviving son of Mr. J.S. GLENNY, of Grenville, Newry, County Down, Ireland.

Saturday, January 31, 1925

In Memoriam

Ever kind remembrances of my dear brother, Edward MILLER, who passed away 31st January, 1923.

Monday, February 2, 1925


WHITTAL.-  Passed away at Queenstown on the 1st of February, Frank Arthur, the beloved infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. WHITTAL, of Southeyville, age 1 year and 11 months.

Sterkstroom Notes


It is with regret that we record the death of Mr. Christoffel Rudolph ANNANDALE, of the farm "Annanwater," in the Halseton district, at the age of 60 years.  The deceased and his wife came to town by motor to attend the Nachtmaal service at the D.R. Church on Sunday morning last.  While seated in church and shortly before the service began, a sudden seizure overcame him.  Friends near by came to his aid, only to find that Mr. ANNANDALE had expired.  The body was brought out of church and medical aid procured, the cause of death being heart failure.  His remains were taken out to his farm on Monday morning, where he was interred on the following day.  Mr. ANNANDALE was a man of a quiet and unassuming character, and was respected by all who knew him for his sterling qualities.  Another brother of the deceased, Mr. George ANNANDALE, died at Halseton under similarly tragic circumstances when just on the point of retiring to bed some five years ago.

Our sympathy to Mr. Gerald WENTWORTH, a worthy ex-serviceman of the overseas brigade, employed at the local station, in the loss sustained by the death of his baby boy, Willie, at the tender age of eight and a half months.

Laid for Hours on the Road Before Being Picked Up
Johannesburg, Sunday.
A man named GOLDSTEIN was found on the Brakpan road in a semi-conscious condition, early yesterday morning and died during the afternoon.  While riding a motor cycle he struck a wagon in the darkness.  Exactly how the accident occurred is not known, as he had been lying in the road for several hours before being picked up. – Reuter.

Notice to Creditors.

In the Estate of the late Johannes Cornelis Frederik HATTINGH (No. 6240), of Tarkastad... Dan J. DE WET, Executor Dative, P.O. Box 6, Sterkstroom, C.P.

Tuesday, February 3, 1925

Local & General

Dick KING's Birth Place.

There having been some obscurity regarding the birth place of Dick KING, the hero of the historic ride to Grahamstown, inquiries were instituted.  Mrs. LUTMAN, the niece of KING, has informed the "Natal Advertiser," that he was born at Chatham on November 28th, 1813, and died at Isipingo on November 10th, 1871.  He left three sons and two daughters, all of whom are now living in South Africa, Harry at the Cape, Richard in the Transvaal, and the third son at Ixopo.  The daughters ar Mrs. TATHAM and Mrs. PEEL.

Estate of the late Joseph David MTOMBENI, of Seanlen Street, Queenstown (No. 2268)...
Executor Dative.
P.O. Box 109,

Saturday, February 7, 1925

In Memoriam

In loving memory of our dear son, brother, and grandson, Pte. D.W. DICK, who died of wounds in Egypt on February 8th, 1916.

Wednesday, February 11, 1926

Local & General

World's Oldest Man

According to a "Rand Daily Mail" correspondent, a native  has been found in a kraal near Lydenburg who is reported to be nearly 140 years of age.  He thus beats the record held by the last pure-bred Bushman, Old Jan, who died recently at the reputed age of 130, in fact it is said the old native will be the oldest man in the world.  The discovery was made by a European Veterinary Surgeon who found the old man, almost blind, crawling on his hands and feet in a native kraal.  "How old are you?" the veterinary surgeon asked.  "We natives do not count our aged by years as you white people do," replied the old man.  When asked who was the first white man he had seen he replied "Louis TRICHARDT.  I remember him well.  I can recall the time when he returned from the Zoutpansberg and passed through here.  He was on his way to the land of the Portuguese near the big water."  (TRICHARDT was the first Voortrekker to leave the Cape Colony, and must have reached the old man's village in 1836 or so), "When I was younger (he added)  I worked in the Graaff-Reinet district and I can remember the time when the English and the Dutch made war on one another."  He then mentioned the names of a number of historical characters who took part in the war preceding the second occupation of the Cape in 1806.

Monday, February 16, 1925

Sterkstroom Notes

Wedding Bells.

Our congratulations to the brothers Danie MAARTENS of Wenfontein, and Hendrik MAARTENS, garage proprietor, on entering the ranks of the Benedicts.  The latter's wedding was celebrated at Bloemfontein while the nuptials of Mr. Danie MAARTENS were the occasion of quite a large gathering of friends and well-wishers at the D.R. Church on Monday, the bride being Miss Gwendoline (Gwennie) VAN WYK, of "Envy," a young lady well-known in this district.  The bride was charmingly attired, and, attended by her sister, Miss Sophia VAN WYK, ...

Thursday, February 19, 1925


LEWIS.-  On the 18th inst., at 175 Cathcart Road, to Mr. And Mrs. C.E.

LEWIS, a Daughter.  Thanks to Doctor and Nurse.


BROUGH-KEAN.-  Married at the Presbyterian Church, Queenstown, on the 11th February, 1925, by Rev. R. RUSSELL, David J.A.

BROUGH, eldest son of Mr. And Mrs. A. BROUGH, of Johannesburg, to Lily second daughter of Mr. And Mrs. F.L. KEAN, of Queenstown.


POOLEY.-  Passed away at Queenstown, on the 18th inst., Joan Maude PRESTON, infant daughter of Mr. And Mrs. E.P. POOLEY, of Kenhardt.

Local & General


Congratulations to Mr. A.M. STILWELL, of Recreation Road, who to-day (Wednesday) celebrates his 87th birthday, says the "Daily Dispatch."  Mr.

STILWELL, who was formerly a well-known farmer in the Queenstown district, has been residing in East London for several years past.

Friday, February 20, 1925

Notice to Creditors and Debtors.
Estate of the late Stephen King SANDERS, of Queenstown. (No. 6862)...
Attorneys for Executrix Testamentary.

Notice to Creditors and Debtors
Estate of the late Mary Jane GIBSON (born FARQUHARSON), of Queenstown.  (No.6856)...
Attorneys for Executors Testamentary.

Saturday, February 21, 1925

In Memoriam

FULLER.-  In loving memory of our dear mother, who died 22nd February, 1916. Ever remembered by Fan and Charles.

FULLER.-  Sacred to the memory of the late Mrs. A.R. FULLER, who died at Queenstown on 22nd February, [sic] 1926. Inserted by her loving husband and family.

Monday, February 23, 1925

In Memoriam

FULLER.-  Sacred to the memory of the late Mrs. A.R. FULLER, who died at Queenstown on 22nd February, 1916. Inserted by her loving husband and family.

FULLER.-  In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary Ann Rosina FULLER, died 22nd February, 1916. Inserted by Mabel and Arthur.


PEARSALL.-  At Westbourne, Queenstown on the 22nd inst., to Mr. And Mrs. Sam PEARSALL, a Daughter.


FISHER.-  Passed away at Queenstown on the 19th February, 1925, Christina FISHER.

Tuesday, February 24, 1925

Local & General


We regret to record the death at the Kowie of Dr. Christopher ROBERTSON, who was in practice at Sterkstroom for 22 years and was well-known and much esteemed in Queenstown.  He was formerly a member of the School Board.

Monday, March 2, 1925


Mr. And Mrs. A.H. WILLIAMS wish to thank the Doctors and all kind friends for their help, sympathy, and floral tributes during their sad bereavement.

Tuesday, March 3, 1925


FULLER.- At Queenstown, on the 1st inst., to Mr. And Mrs. D. FULLER, a Son. Both doing well.

Notice to Creditors and Debtors.
In the Estate of the late Annie Edkins POPE (born LEVEY), of 27 Berry Street, Queenstown (No 6859)...
Executor Testamentary.

Wednesday, March 4, 1925

Notice to Creditors
In the Estate of the late Johannes Hermanus BOSCH and subsequently deceased spouse, Maria Magdalena BOSCH (born SCHOEMAN), of "Thomasfontein," District of Sterkstroom...
Dan J. DE WET,
P.O. Box 6, Sterkstroom, C.P.

Thursday, March 5, 1925


WHITEHEAD.- At Queenstown, on the 2nd March, to Mr. And Mrs. Claude WHITEHEAD, of Milton, a Daughter.


MEINTJIES.- Died suddenly at Capetown whilst on holiday, Damon MEINTJIES, of Tarkastad, brother of D.K. and P. MEINTJIES, of Queenstown.

Friday, March 6, 1925


BENTLEY.- At Queenstown on the 5th inst., to Mr. And Mrs. J.C. BENTLEY, a Daughter. Both well.

Saturday, March 7, 1925

MOORCROFT.- Died at the farm "Hopefield," on the 6th inst., Charles Alfred MOORCROFT, beloved husband of Ella MOORCROFT, in his seventy-first year.

Tuesday, March 10, 1925


WEBSTER.- At 8 Woodifield Street, on 9th March, to Mr. And Mrs. WEBSTER, a Son.

Friday, March 13, 1925

Local & General

Kenya Double Tragedy.

A tragic encounter took place between a lady names Mrs. GREEN and a rhinoceros an Nonyuki, near Mount Kenya. It appears that Mrs. GREEN was preparing to ascend Mount Kenya when she met a rhino, at which she fired. She only wounded the animal, which charged her, inflicting fatal injuries. Mrs. GREEN, who comes from Dublin, recently walked across from the Belgian Congo into the Colony with the intention of climbing the mountain. Some time later Captain and Mrs. ATKINS were motoring in the vicinity when the rhino suddenly appeared and charged the car. The occupants got out, but the rhino got Captain ATKINS and killed him. His wife fled for assistance to neighbouring settlers, who found and killed the rhinoceros.

Saturday, March 14, 1925

Local and General


The engagement is announced of Mr. G.C. VAN HEERDEN, Cradock's member of the Assembly, to Dorothy, only daughter of Mr. And Mrs. H.E.K. ANDERSON of Ladysmith. Mr. ANDERSON is member of Parliament for Klip Rivier.

Monday, March 16, 1925


WYNTON FORWARD.- At Queenstown, on the 15th inst., to Mrs. F. WYNTON FORWARD, a Daughter. Both well.

Tuesday, March 17, 1925


JEGELS.- Passed peacefully away at 30 Bushell Street, 17th March, Georgina, baby daughter of MR. And Mrs. J.B. JEGELS. Inserted by a friend.

Testate Estate of the late Miriam Solomon SHADIAK, of Queenstown (No. 4767)...
Attorney for the Executor Testamentary.

Wednesday, March 18, 1925


DAY.- To Mr. And Mrs. A.H. DAY, Hospital Street, a Son, on the 16th inst.

Saturday, March 21, 1925

In Memoriam

HART.- In affectionate remembrance of W.R. HART, who died the 21st March, 1924.

Monday, March 23, 1925

Death of Senator C.R. ARNOLD.

A Personality of the Border

The late Senator C.R. ARNOLD, whose death took place yesterday afternoon, we regret to announce, was born 69 years ago in East London (West Bank), where his father was in business. Later, his parents acquired a farm in Amalinda, just off the "Arnoldton Halt," which property is still in the possession of the family. The deceased gentleman's parents are long since dead and three of his four brothers have also predeceased him, the youngest, Jim, being still alive. Three of his sisters are still living, however, and one of them, Mrs. H.W. BARTLETT, lives at Home Park, in this district. Mr. ARNOLD came to Queenstown about 30 years ago, having married Miss DELL, the daughter of one of the most prominent farmers in the Thomas River district, who is likewise since long dead. To his bereaved widow in the great grief that has befallen her, and the irreparable loss, to Mrs. BRUNETTE, his daughter, and to his son, Charlie, the sympathy not only of a very large circle of friends but of the community goes out.

The deceased gentleman was educated at the Panmure Public School (Muller's). He took part in the 1877-78 Kaffir wars, going to the front with the East London Volunteers, under the late Captain VON LINSINGEN. After the war he took to farming, first in the East London, and then in the Cathcart district. As already stated, he came to Queenstown about the middle of the nineties. For a time Mr. ARNOLD leased the Bowker's Park Farm, and then he purchased "Blackwoods," later "Endwell," and, about fifteen years ago, "Melton," on which farm he resided to the time of his death. His energy and his keen foresight crowned all his farming operations with success. During the South African war he became a large contractor to the Imperial forces.

From the time the late Senator came to this district he took an active interest in public affairs. He was a foundation member of the old S.A. League, and later of the Unionist Party, and never did he swerve in his allegiance. In fair weather or foul weather, he always maintained his cheerful optimism, and often inspired all those working with him to renewed and further effort. His platform manner, was of the pleasantest, and, though he was wont to hit and hard, what he said never rankled because he had a way of saying it so good-humouredly and often in such a jocular vein that even the victim would be forced to smile.

At the consummation of the Union of South Africa Mr. ARNOLD was elected member for Queenstown in the Provincial Council, which seat he held until 1920, being at the same time a member of the Executive Committee of the Province. In 1920 he was elected by the Cape members of Parliament and of the Provincial Council to a seat in the Senate. His untimely death now creates a vacancy in that august body. Senator ARNOLD had not been in very good health for some time. To the casual observer he still looked his old robust self; but his family and his more intimate friends were, of course, aware of the fact that it was not well with him. Gradually he became worse, and then a final sharp attack of pneumonia proved fatal.

The funereal takes place from St. Michael and All Angels' Church at four o'clock this afternoon. At the request of the Senate that body will be officially represented at the funeral by Mr. J. DRYSDALE, C.C., R.M.

Tuesday, March 24, 1925

Notice to Creditors.
In the Estate of the late William MILNER, of Queenstown, Cape Province (6676)...
Executrix Dative.
Haig Avenue, Queenstown.

Wednesday, March 25, 1925

Notice to Creditors and Debtors.
Estate of the late Sarah Elizabeth WRIGHT (born PALMER), of Queenstown (No. 7228)...
Attorneys for Executor Testamentary.

Local & General

Daughter of a Voortrekker.

The golden wedding of the son of an 1820 settler and the daughter of a voortrekker was celebrated at Boksburg on Saturday. The couple are Mr. And Mrs. James EVA. EVA is 76 and his wife 71. They were married in the little town of Maclear in what was then known as British Kaffraria, in 1875. Mrs. EVA was a Miss VAN ROOYEN, and her parents were among the voortrekkers. EVA's father and mother landed as children at Port Elizabeth in 1820. The couple had 12 children, all of whom are alive to-day, only one being unmarried. There are 24 grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren. The majority of the family were present at the celebration.

Monday, March 30, 1925

LARTER.- At Duncan Vale Nursing Home, on the 29th inst., to Mr. And Mrs. A.C. LARTER, of Rhodesia, a Daughter.

CUTTER.- On 27th Inst., to Mr. And Mrs. D.H. CUTTER, 37 Grey Street, a Daughter. Both doing well.

Pretty Wedding at Cathcart


A pretty wedding took place at the Dutch Reformed Church at Cathcart on Thursday, says the local paper, the bride being Miss Betty VAN LINGEN, second daughter of the Rev. And Mrs. G.F.C. VAN LINGEN, and the bridegroom Mr. Herbert Oswald CULLINGWORTH, son of Councillor and Mrs. C.W. CULLINGWORTH, of Queenstown.

The service, which was a quiet one, there being no bridesmaids or bestman, was conducted by the father of the bride, Mrs. H. KOCH presiding at the organ...

Tuesday, March 31, 1925

Notice to Creditors
In the Estate of the late Frederick William SIMPSON and surviving spouse, Helene SIMPSON or Helena Emilie Henriette SIMPSON (born STOCK). Estate No. 7246...
Stanley M. POTTS,
Attorney for Executrix Testamentary.
27, Terminus Street, East London.


HUGHES.- Passed peacefully away at Exonxa, on the 23rd March, 1925, at the age of 78 years and 8 months, Catherin Millen HUGHES, wife of the late W.J. HUGHES.

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