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Daily Representative

The Daily Representative 1923 1 January - March

Thursday, January 4, 1923

Local and General


The marriage arrange between Arthur E. FICHARDT, Past President of the Associated Chambers of Commerce of S.A., and Miss N.M. LUCAS, of Bloemfontein, will take place from Welgelegen, St. James, Cape Province, at 3 p.m. on Monday, January 15th, at Holy Trinity Church, Kalk Bay.

Friday, January 5, 1923


MILLS-FISHER,-  Married at the Presbyterian Church, Queenstown, Marjory, eldest daughter of F. MILLS, Cathcart, to Richard FISHER, of Queenstown.


TOCKER,-  Suddenly at 25 Prince Alfred Street, Queenstown, on the 5th January, Sophia SUTHERLAND, beloved wife of Alick TOCKER;  aged 65 years and 9 months. Funeral Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

SMITH,-  Passed away peacefully, at 32 Robinson Road, on 38th December, Elizabeth Annie SMITH, widow of the late W.T. SMITH.


FORDRED-DASHWOOD,-  Married on January 2nd, in Wesley Church, Queenstown, by the Rev. G.H.P. JACQUES, Cecil Harold FORDRED, of Johannesburg, son of Mr. J. FORDRED, of Ladybrand, to Frances May, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. DASHWOOD, of Queenstown.

Local and General

Survivor of LIVINGSTONE.
The death has occurred at the Cape of Mrs. Sarah SHORT, who was believed to be the last of Dr. LIVINGSTONE's (party?) from England to the Zambesi (in the?) fifties.  She was 97 years of age.

Saturday, January 6, 1923


(Spelling different from previous notice)

TOCHER,-  Suddenly at 25 Prince Alfred Street, on the 5th January, Sophia SUTHERLAND, beloved wife of Alexander TOCHER;  aged 65 years and 9 months. Funeral Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Local and General

School Principal's Death.

Details of the death of Mr. HAMILTON, Principal of the Bothaville Primary School, Free State, shows that he was not murdered, as was at first reported, says the "Star."  A wayfarer called at Mr. HAMILTON's house and apparently refused to leave.  Mr. HAMILTON threatened to put him off the premises, and in the attempt collapsed, death being certified as heart failure.  The man has been detained, but it is not expected that any serious charge will be laid against him.  Mr. HAMILTON was Irish, a jovial, good-hearted person, and his untimely end is greatly deplored.  Much sympathy is felt for his widow.  He was affectionately known to all the residents as "Oom Piet."

Monday, January 8, 1923


VAN STADEN,-  On the 29th December, 1922, at 60 Prince Alfred Street, to Mr. and Mrs. N.F. VAN STADEN, a Son.  Both well.

Tuesday, January 9, 1923


FILMER,-  On the 7th inst., to Mr. and Mrs. A.H. FILMER, of Glen Thorn, Imvani, a Daughter.


Estate of Florence Erilda Elizabeth FORWORD (born MUGGLETON).  174/235/3108/20... ELLIOTT Brothers, Attorneys for Executor Dative, Hexagon, Queenstown.

Pretoria Tragedy.
Business Man Found Shot
Pretoria, Saturday
When a native caretaker entered the office of Mr. Jos. H. MARKS, at 7 o'clock this morning, he found lying huddled up on the floor the body of a man who but last evening was seen calmly writing business letters at his desk.
MARKS, a well-built man of about 50, for the past few months has been engaged here in various occupations of a clerical nature.  Some letters were found making it clear that it was a case of suicide.  The deceased had shot himself with a small revolver through the mouth.  No reason for the act is ascertainable at the moment, but financial embarrassment is suspected.
MARKS was spoken to late yesterday evening, and he was apparently quite cheerful.  He leaves a wife and family who live on the East Rand. – Reuter.

Local & General

Sportman's Tragic Death.

The news of the tragic death of Mr. Sidney W.S. COLLINS on the tennis courts at the Wanderers, Johannesburg, on Saturday afternoon, will be learned with the deepest feelings of regret by the older sportsmen in Queenstown and along the Border.  A Johannesburg message says the tragic affair occurred during a league match between Turffontein and Wanderers, and caused a painful sensation among both players and spectators.  S.W.S. COLLINS, of Donnelly Street, Kenilworth, and exceedingly well-known figure in Johannesburg sporting circles, was playing for the Turffontein Club, and had completed nine games, and he had just changed over and was about to serve in the tenth when he dropped dead.  He collapse was entirely unexpected.  He had left home apparently in best of health at 2 p.m., and there had never been the slightest indication of any organic trouble to suggest that he might die suddenly.  Mr. COLLINS was forty-nine years of age, and was employed by the Municipality as sub-accountant in the Town Treasurer's Department.  In his earlier days he was prominent both as a soccer player and a cricketer, at both of which he had played for South Africa.  Mr. Sid. COLLINS was a leading light in Queenstown sport for several years in the nineties.  Besides being a great tennis player, he captained the Folkestone Lodge soccer team, and as a centre forward was unequalled in South Africa.  He was chosen to represent South Africa against visiting English teams on several occasions, and many times represented Queenstown and the Border in big matches.  When the Boer War broke out, Mr. COLLINS was given a commission in the Q.R.V., and served throughout the war.  HE did not return to Queenstown.  Besides being a good all-round athlete, Mr. COLLINS was in every sense a true sportsman.

Wednesday, January 10, 1923

Local & General

Another Tennis Court Death.

The sudden death occurred of Noel BARKER on the tennis court at Durban.  He was serving when he complained of pains in the chest, sat down on a form for a few minutes, walked to his house to get brandy, collapsed on the floor and died immediately.


Lady Frere has lost one of its most respected citizens by the death of Mr. A.E. SHAW, which sad event took place at Lady Frere on Monday afternoon.  Mr. SHAW was laid up for only three weeks prior to his death, but he has been a long sufferer, and only by leading an exemplary life was he able to stave off so long a serious breakdown.  He lived in Queenstown for some years, and was in charge of The Arcade.  Soon after The Arcade was closed down, Mr. SHAW went to Lady Frere and opened a business on his own account.  He married Miss MARSHALL, of Imvani.  Deceased leaves a widow and three children to mourn their loss.

Thursday, January 11, 1923

In Memoriam

WENTZEL,- In loving memory of my dear husband, Alwyn (Allie) WENTZEL, who died on 11th January, 1922. Inserted by his loving wife.

Local & General

A Soldier to the Last.

The military funeral took place at Bulawayo on Monday of Sergeant-Major MEECHAN, who died after a remarkable career in South Africa and throughout the Empire.  Born over eighty years ago in Fort Peddie, while his father was with the garrison fighting in the old Kaffir wars, MEECHAN became a soldier in 1865, and fought with the Royal Warwicks in India, Afghanistan, Egypt, and the Boer War, afterwards settling in Rhodesia.  He continued his military work down to the last, instructing thousands of Volunteers and Cadets, and teaching youngsters gymnastics and physical drill until a few weeks ago.

Saturday, January 13, 1923

The Late Justice LANGE
A Wise and Upright Judge
Tributes from Bench & Bar
Grahamstown, Friday.
In the Supreme Court to-day, Judge HUTTON made appreciative reference to the late Justice LANGE.  He said as that was the first occasion on which that Court had sat since they received the sad intelligence of the death of Mr. Justice LANGE, he should like, on behalf of the Bench of that Court, to take the opportunity  of expressing their deep sense of the loss which the country had sustained by his death, and also their respectful sympathy to his widow and family in their bereavement.  He had been closely associated  with the late Judge in the performance of many public duties, first as prosecutor for a period extending over two years in the Special Treason Court which was constituted in 1900 after the Anglo-Boer War, of which Court he was a member, again as a member of the Special Treason Court which was constituted in 1915, of which he was President, and again as a member of the Rebellion Inquiry Commission in 1916, of which he was Chairman.  He had therefore had special opportunity of observing and appreciating his many estimable qualities, both of head and heart, and he should like more especially to testify to the thoroughly painstaking and conscientious manner in which he performed every duty which he was called upon to undertake.  Since his duties as Judge-President of the Supreme Court at Kimberley did not occupy all his time, he had frequently been called upon to perform very special work of an important and onerous character, and in the performance of that work, he rendered very signal and lasting service to his country.  He was indeed a wise and upright Judge, and in those days, when so many of their older judges were being removed by death and retirement, they could only hope and trust that those who would follow them might be guided by the same high ideals of duty as animated the learned Judge whose loss the Judge whose loss they deplored that day.
The Solicitor-General (Mr. W.S. BIGBY, K.S.), on behalf of the Bar, associated himself with his Lordship's remarks.
During the sitting, which was a provisional day, no fewer than seven applications were heard for the voluntary surrender of estates in various parts of the Eastern Districts, and one application for compulsory sequestration.  There were also two company liquidations. – Reuter.

Notice to Creditors

In the Estate of the late Barend Daniel BOUWER, of Bailey, Queenstown.  181/80... F.A. VISSER, Attorney for Executor Testamentary.

Hexagon, Queenstown

Monday, January 15, 1923

In Memoriam

In loving memory of our darling, who passed away suddenly at Fort Victoria, S. Rhodesia, on the 15th January, 1922.  Inserted by her loving parents and sisters.

Tuesday, January 16, 1923

Local & General

Town Clerk Dies in Train.

Mr. David Matthys FAURIE, Town Clerk of Winburg, died on a train on Thursday between Brandfort and Glen.  He was en route to the National Hospital, Bloemfontein, from Winburg, and was accompanied by his wife and two of his children and his brother.  During the journey he complained of pains, and remarked that he did not think he would be able to reach Bloemfontein.  Shortly afterwards he collapsed and died in the presence of his wife and the two children.

Wednesday, January 17, 1923

Local and General

Died While Fishing.

Joseph COLES, a well-known Durban resident, suddenly collapsed whilst fishing on the bay and died a few minutes later.  Mr. COLES, who was 60 years of age, was a well-known shot.  He was a member of the first Natal team which competed at the English Bisley, and had the distinction of being the first man signed on for the Durban Light Infantry, his regimental number being "one."

Saturday, January 20, 1923


BARNES,-  On 19th January, at 43 Ebden Street, Queenstown, Mr. and Mrs. R.G. BARNES, a Daughter.

Monday, January 22, 1923

Local and General

Death of Historian's Widow.

The death has taken place at East London, from heart failure, of Mrs. ELLENBERGER, widow of the late Rev. D.F. ELLENBERGER, the author of the well-known "History of the Basutos."  The deceased lady had attained the ripe age of 86 years.  She was the mother of the Mayor of Reitz (Mr. E.M. ELLENBERGER, B.A., J.P.).

In Memoriam

Thomas BARNES, killed at Mersa Matruh, Egypt, on 23rd January, 1916.

Jessie Gladys KIDSON, died at Queenstown, 23rd January, 1914.

Wednesday, January 24, 1923


PHIN,-  Birth at Agnes, Glen Grey, on Thursday, 18th January, 1923, to Mr. and Mrs. K.T. PHIN, a Daughter.

Thursday, January 25, 1923


BOWLES-ENGELA,-  Married at St. Michael and All Angels', on Wednesday, 24th January, 1923, Hilton, son of Mr. and Mrs. BOWLES, East London, and Catherine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ENGELA, Queenstown.

Local and General

The Bongolo Tragedy.

The fear that a tragedy occurred at the Bongolo on Saturday morning, when a native woman was alleged to have seen a European jump into the dam, was justified, for last evening the body was recovered of Mr. Charles RENNIE, who recently took over the lease of the Masonic Hotel.  The deceased only came to Queenstown last week from Bloemfontein, where he was employed as a fitter by Messrs. HALE and Co.  He was about 50 years of age.  An inquest will be held in due course.

Terrible Level Crossing Tragedy
Train Crashed into Car
Driver and Two Children Killed
Durban, Wednesday.
A terrible railway crossing accident is reported from Sevenoaks, on the Greytown line, where a train collided with a motor car driven by Mr. GELINK and containing his wife and two children and a lady friend.  The car was directly struck by the train and hurled several yards.  The two children, aged six and eight respectively, were killed outright, while Mr. GELINK, succumbed later in the day, and the two ladies were severely injured, Mrs. GELINK sustaining a broken leg. – Reuter.

Saturday, January 27, 1923

Local and General

Fatalities on the Railway.

Two distressing fatalities occurred this week in the Benoni area.  The first took place near Modera Station on the Geduld railway line between No. 3 and 4 shafts of the State Mine.  A young man names John Edward BEVAN, aged 21, an apprenticed fitter on the State Mines, was working at the crusher station, and it is surmised that he must have attempted to jump on to a passing goods train and in doing so slipped and fell on to the line. The other fatality occurred on the railway deviation.  A young man of 17, named R. PIGG, was knocked down and run over by an engine.  He was removed with all haste to Kleinfontein Hospital, but died a few hours later.

Wednesday, January 31, 1923


MEYER,-  On the 28th January, 1923, at 46 Grey Street, to Mr. and Mrs. W. MEYER, a Daughter.  Both well.

Jeppe Tragedy
Girl Found Shot
Supposed Case of Suicide
Johannesburg, Thursday.
Elizabeth LATTERING, a European, aged 20, was found dead in a room in Jeppe, shot through the heart with a revolver bullet.  By her side lay a revolver, and it is supposed to be a case of suicide. – Reuter.

Thursday, February 1, 1923

RIDGWAY,-  At Tweespruit, O.F.S., on the 14th January, Charles Welford RIDGWAY, late of Queenstown, C.P., and Basutoland.

Friday, February 2, 1923

DICKIN,-  To Mr. and Mrs. H.B. DICKIN, Tylden, C.P., a Son, on the 1st inst.

Saturday, February 3, 1923

Passed peacefully away on the 31st January, 1923, Edward MILLER, 13, Reservair Road.

Thursday, February 8, 1923

Local and General
Girl Killed by Lightning.
The seventeen-year-old daughter of Mr. Abel JORDAAN van Vaaldraai, Zwagershoek, was struck dead by a flash of lightning on Monday about three o'clock in the afternoon, says the "Midland News."  It  appears the flash came down the chimney and struck the girl.  It also struck the mother's feet and burnt part of her shoe.  A little native girl was also struck senseless but she quickly recovered and ran for help.  The girl was picked up and carried into open air but death supervened after a few deep breaths.

Wednesday, February 14, 1923

GODLONTON-GARRETT,-  Married on the 12th inst., at Wesley Church, Lady Frere, by the Rev. F.P. EVANS,  Maurice Glanville GODLONTON, son ofB.D. GODLONTON, Esq., of Rondebosch, to Evelyn Forbes GARRETT, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. GARRETT, of Lady Frere.

Thursday, February 22, 1923

HOOLE,-  Died at Kei Road, February 16th, 1923, Mary, daughter of the late Abel HOOLE, of Grahamstown.

In Memoriam
LARTER,-  In loving remembrance of Arthur Alexander LARTER, who died at Bloemfontein, 22nd February, 1921.

Local and General
Utrecht Golden Wedding.
The celebration of a golden wedding took place for the first time in the Utrecht district recently.  The happy old couple were Mr. and Mrs. M.M. KNIGHT, of "Twyfelfontein," Utrecht.  Both Mr. and Mrs. KNIGHT were born in Ladysmith, Natal.  Their parents were amongst the pioneers that landed in Natal in 1838.  Mr. KNIGHT is the son of the late Mr. Humphries Evans KNIGHT, and Mrs. KNIGHT is the daughter of the late Mr. Henrich DAVEL.  They were married in Utrecht in 1873, and are 71 years and 70 years of age respectively, hale and hearty.  There are three daughters and one son, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Drowned in Dam.
The death by drowining took place at Abrahamskraal, district Fauresmith, of Mabel Fyfe SCHICKERING, the 14-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.S. SCHICKERING.  The little girl, writes a "Friend" correspondent, had gone up to a bid dam where her father and others were mending a leak.  She told one of the men that she was going to cut a nice stick for her mother, and no one noticed that she did not return.  Mrs. SCHICKERING, who arrived at the dam about half an hour afterwards, missed her daughter, and, on a search being made, the girl was found in the water under a willow tree.  For three hours every effort was made to restore life, but in vain.

Saturday, February 24, 1923

In Memoriam
BOYLE,-  In loving memory of my dear son and our brother, Ernest BOYLE, who died on the 25th of February, 1919.

Notice to Creditors & Debtors
Estate of the late Charles Robert MUTCH, of Queenstown.  No. 368... N.L. GOLDSCHMIDT, Attorneys for Executor Testamentary.

Monday, February 26, 1923

GEORGE,-  At Cathcart Nursing Home, on 24th instant, to Mr. and Mrs. T.A. GEORGE, a Son.

In the Estate of the late Martinus Johannes DU PLESSIS, of Queenstown.  178/869/947/22... F.A. VISSER, Attorney for Executor Testamentary, Hexagon, Queenstown

Tuesday, February 27, 1923

SHEPPERSON,-  Passed peacefully away, after a long illness, at 11 Norden Street, East London, on the 24th February, 1923, Priscilla Gertrude, widow of the late Herbert SHEPPERSON, and daughter of the late R.B. EVA, of Whittlesea, in her 60th year.

Local and General
Captured a Convoy.
News has been received of the death at the age of 75, of Mr. Andries Petrus CRONJE, which occurred at Hartebeestfontein about midday.  He served in no less than 12 campaigns.  Prior to the Anglo-Boer war, in which he held the rank of general, and captured a large British convoy, previous to Paardeberg, where his brother, General Piet CRONJE, was captured, he surrendered at Klerksdorp, being in very ill-health at the time.  Previous to the Anglo-Boer war he was known as a friend to all, Boer and Uitlander, and he maintained that attitude ever since.  He married three times.  By his first wife he had one daughter and by his second eight children, one of whom is Advocate CRONJE, of Pretoria.

Wednesday, February 28, 1923

FINCHAM,-  At Duncan Vale Nursing Home, on 26th inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Percy E. FINCHAM, a Daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. L. MANLEY wish to thank all friends for kindness and sympathy shown to them in their sad bereavement, also for the floral tributes. – 35 Joubert Street, Queenstown.

Local & General
Farmers Falls Dead.
It is reported from Graaff-Reinet that the death occurred suddenly on Friday of a well-known farmer, Mr. Franz VAN DER MERWE, of Rondegat.  Apparently in good health, Mr. VAN DER MERWE went a little way from the homestead to a flock of sheep, and almost immediately fell dead through a blood vessel in the brain breaking.

Thursday, March 1, 1923
Local and General
Another Lyson Poisoning Case.
“I am finished with everything.  I have taken Lysol.”  Was the dramatic declaration of a European married woman name Hester DUPREEZ to her son at Port Elizabeth on Sunday morning.  The son rushed into the room and found on the ground an empty Lysol bottle.  A doctor was sent for, but owing to the amount of poison taken by the woman, he was unable to do anything and she died about an hour later.  It was understood that the woman’s act was the immediate outcome of a quarrel she had had earlier on the same morning with her husband.  AS soon as her husband had gone out she went to the chemist’s and bought a bottle of Lysol, saying that she wanted it for clearing out vermin.  When she returned she finished the lot.
Friday, March 2, 1923
WHITTAL,-  At Duncan Vale Nursing Home, on 1st inst., to Mr. and Mrs. A. WHITTAL, Tsakana, Transkei, a Son.  Both well.
HESSENANER,-  Passed away suddenly at East London, March 1st, M.A. HESSENANER, “Daisy,” beloved wife of H. HESSENANER, and second daughter of the late M. ALMOND, Queenstown.
Wife Murder Charge
More Sensational Evidence
Upington, Wednesday.
Further evidence was taken this morning in the case in which Barend Smartryk VAN RENSBURG and Ellen Gordon LENNOX are charged with the murder of Mrs. VAN RENSBURG.  Sergeant KRONK, assisted by Detective-Sergeant McCORMICK, again prosecuted…
Tuesday, March 6, 1923
Local & General
Farmer Fatally Gored.
An accident resulting in the death of a well-known farmer, Mr. E.B. EDWARDS, occurred at Louws Creek, in the Barberton district, last week.  Mr. EDWARDS was gored by a bull.  He was brought into hospital, but died on Friday.  It is reported that this is the second time he was been gored within six weeks.  Mr. EDWARDS was the descendant of an 1820 settler, and his family went from Kimberley to the district about 30 years ago.
Wednesday, March 7, 1923
BAKER,-  At Cathcart Vale, on 4th inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Alf BAKER, a bonnie Daughter.  Both doing well.
Saturday, March 10, 1923
In Memoriam
ALMOND,-  Passed peacefully away, March 11th, 1918, Michael ALMOND, Mechanical Engineer, of Queenstown.
Monday, March 12, 1923
McKNIGHT,-  On the 10th inst., to Mr. and Mrs. W. McKNIGHT, 80 Livingston Road, a Son.  Both well.
Tuesday, March 13, 1923
KIDSON,-  Died  at Queenstown, on the 12th March, 1923, Errol George, beloved child of Mr. and Mrs. B.E. KIDSON, Lady Frere;  aged 19 months.
Wednesday, March 14, 1923
MEYER,-  Passed away at Frontier Hospital, on 10th inst., Ethel Agnes MEYER, aged 26 years.
Notice to Creditors
In the Estate of the late George Clement SMITH, who died on 3rd March, 1922, at the Frontier Hospital… COLLINGWOOD & McCONNELL, Attorneys for Executor Dative, Queenstown
Friday, March 16, 1923
In the Estate of the late Sarah UMHLEBI.  No. 178/583/613/22… COLLINGWOOD & McCONNELL, Attorneys for the Executor Testametary.
In the Estate of the late Annie JUBEJU.  No 178/667/698/22… COLLINGWOOD & McCONNELL, Attorneys for the Executor Testametary.
In the Estate of the late Annie MBUQE.  No. 175/400/468/21… COLLINGWOOD & McCONNELL, Attorneys for the Executor Testametary.
In the Estate of the late Henry James LLOYD, and subsequently deceased spouse, Matilda LLOYD.  No. 152/463/178/116/86/22… COLLINGWOOD & McCONNELL, Attorneys for the Executor Testametary.
Saturday, March 17, 1923
Local and General
An interesting wedding announcement arrived in town by the last English mail which stated that the marriage of Robert Anderson HENDERSON and Louisa Edith AMES was solemnized at Bournemouth on 5th February.  It is a good many years since “R.A.” retired from business in Queenstown, and he paid the town a lengthy visit after the war.
The engagement is announced of Mr. Douglas Orme MALCOLM (Director of the Chartered Company) and Lady Evelyn FARQUHAR, widow of Mr. F.D. FARQUHAR, of the Coldstream Guards, and formerly Lady-in-waiting to Princess Arthur of Connaught.
Monday, March 19, 1923
Local & General
Dog Causes Tragedy.
A European boy names John Isaac DE KLERK, aged 15, was found on a debris heap at the back of his house at Kimberley suffering from a bullet wound in the head, and was removed to hospital, where he died six hours after admission.  In giving evidence at the inquest proceedings, the father said that after the boy returned from school he said he was going on the heaps to learn his lessons, as it was to warm in the house.  It appeared of late tat a cat had been catching his pigeons, so he took a gun with him in case he came across the cat.  Later witness received a report and immediately proceeded to the heaps, where he found the boy lying shot, unconscious, but still alive.  Witness said he was learning his lessons with the loaded rifle alongside him, and that his dog jumped on the trigger.  The lad had a good knowledge of firearms, and had always been very careful.  A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.
Tuesday, March 20, 1923
In Memoriam
HAMILTON,-  In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary Elizabeth HAMILTON, who passed away on March 20th, 1921.
Wednesday, March 21, 1923
SOBEY,-  At the Allotments, Queenstown, on the 18th, to Mr. and Mrs. F.G. SOBEY, a Daughter.
Notice to Creditors & Debtors
Estate of the late Daka MTIYA, of Nyana, Oxkraal, in the Division of Queenstown… Henry MTIYA, Executor Dative.
Notice to Creditors
Estate of the late Edward MILLAR,  of Queenstown… COLLINGWOOD & McCONNELL, Solicitors for the Executor Testametary.
Friday, March 23, 1923
Local and General
Drowning Fatality at Durban.
A lad, named SCHUNROCK, who only recently joined the Weston trades school at Durban, was found drowned in a pool in the Mooi River on Sunday.  It appears that he was watching bathers from the rock when he slipped and fell into the river, which was running strong.  Despite the efforts of his companions, he was carried away.
Saturday, March 24, 1923
CROLY,-  Died at Queenstown, on 23rd March, 1923, Thomas Henry CROLY, dearly beloved son of Dr. and Mrs. CROLY;  aged 17 months.
Monday, March 26, 1923
Notice of Marriage
VAN ZYL-DOWLING,-  To be married on Wednesday, April 4th, 1923, at 10 o’clock, at 87 Reitz Street, Kroonstad, Jacobus Pieter VAN ZYL, of Lady Frere, to Elizabeth Christina DOWLING, of Kroonstad.
Local & General
Rand Youth’s Suicide.
Edwin Henry FEATHER, aged 20, was on Friday found dead in the garden attached to his father’s house at Johannesburg.  The indications are that he died of lyson poisoning.  The lad was employed at the office of the Custodian of Enemy Property.  He left a note for his mother, written the night before.  It was a somewhat rambling letter, in which he said he was tired of things and that, generally, things seemed wrong.
The engagement is announced of Daphne, only daughter of Sir Frederic and Lady DE WAAL, of Highclere, Wynberg, to Dr. Royden MUIR, eldest son of the late Mr. J.M. MUIR and MRs. MUIR, of Wellington, New Zealand.
Tuesday, March 27, 1923
WHITEHEAD-LUCK,-  At the Emmanuel Church, Ayliff Street, on Thursday, 15th March, 1923, by the Rev. J. BAIER, Victor, 5th son of Mrs. J. WHITEHEAD, of Queenstown, to Linda Ella, 7th daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. LUCK, of King Williamstown.
Estate late Matilda Ann WAKEFORD, born EDKINS, Widow, of Queenstown… N.L. GOLDSCHMIDT, Attorneys for Executor Testamentary.
Estate of the late Mary Elizabeth READ, born JACKSON, of Queenstown… N.L. GOLDSCHMIDTH, Attorneys for Executor Dative.
Estate of the late Lewis Henry SPENCE, of Glen Adelaide, in the District of Glen Grey… N.L. GOLDSCHMIDT, Attorneys for Executor Dative.

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