The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

COLSTON's Party (later amalgamated with JAMES' Party)

[note pinned to first list] COLSTON's Orig. Acc'd List. His name was withdrawn 8th December 1819


RETURN of SETTLERS proceeding to the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE under the Direction of Mr. John COLSTON of Frome, Somersetshire

Total Number of the Men 12
Total Number of the Women 11
Total Number of Persons above Fourteen Years of Age
Total Number of Children under Fourteen Years of Age 30 
Total Number of the Whole Party 58


Names of the Men
Profession or Trade Names of the Women
Names of the
Male Children
Names of the
Female Children
John COLSTON 32 Late Sejeant 66 Foot Mary COLSTON 34  John COLSTON   2 Elizabeth COLSTON  5
William CLIFFORD 34 Late Private 23 Foot Mary CLIFFORD 33     Sarah CLIFFORD 13
              Ann CLIFFORD   11 
James USHER  36  Brickmaker & Carpenter  Sarah USHER 36  Joseph USHER 14 Elizabeth USHER  16 
          John USHER 7 Ann USHER 11
          James USHER 5 Sophia USHER 9
              Fanny USHER 2
James HAYWARD 39  Labourer  Tabitha HAYWARD 37  Samuel HAYWARD  17  Elizabeth HAYWARD 11
          John HAYWARD 13 Selina HAYWARD 9
          William HAYWARD 4 Eliza HAYWARD 2
James RANDALL  44  Labourer  Rebecca RANDALL 33  James RANDALL  3  Mary RANDALL 14
              Jane RANDALL 9
              Elizabeth RANDALL 7
              Sarah RANDALL 1
John GALE 38 Taylor Ann GALE 37 William GALE 12    
          Edward GALE 9    
John WILCOX 38 Mason & Sawyer Mary WILCOX 35     Ann WILCOX 7
              Eliza WILCOX 4
Richard HINTON 39 Blacksmith Sarah HINTON 36 George HINTON 7 Rebecca HINTON 10
          Leonard HINTON 4 Jane HINTON ¼
William POULSTON 39 Late Serjeant 86 Foot Elizabeth POULSTON 34 James POULSTON 5 Ann POULSTON 2
Thomas WARREN 44
Late Seaman of the Phoebe
Cordwainer & gardener
Mary WARREN 42 James WARREN 16    
William BANKS 23 Basket Maker Sarah BANKS 22 James BANKS 2    
          William BANKS ¼    
William BARTLETT 22 Gardener            

 [Transcriber's Note: There are two other copies of this return which are basically identical, though one has the deposit money added. After COLSTON's withdrawal James USHER, James HAYWARD, James RANDALL, Richard HINTON, Thomas WARREN, William BANKS and William BARTLETT all joined JAMES' Party]



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