SYLLER, John and William PORTLOCK

National Archives, Kew CO48/45, 731

21st July 1819

Hon Sir.

Having seen the paper of 17th July respecting emigration to the Cape of Good Hope we have work'd in the Royal Manufactory of small arms Tower 14 years under the superintendance of Mr.NOBLE and Capt ALSOP, laterly Capt DUNDASS. Since the reducement have had little or nothing to do. Wishing if possible to leave England hoping to better ourselves. Being in the gun business our services may be required.

Have familys

John SYLLER Wife & 4 children under 14

Wm. PORTLOCK Wife & 2 children under 14

We remain Hon Sir

Your most obedient humble servants



At Mr. ANSELL's No.5 Old Montague Street, White Chaple