NEILL, Thomas

National Archives, Kew CO48/44, 863


21st August 1819

My Lord

I take the liberty of addressing your Lordship under the following heads - seeing that there is an Incouragement held out individuals to emigrate to the Cape of good Hope (from Government) I humbly beg leave to state to your Lordship that I am peculiarly situated & that if I could get Imployment so as to support myself in a respectable way I would not on any account trouble your Lordship - my motives in troubling y'r Lordship is that through your liberal mind & powerful hand to place me in a situation in the new settlement so as I may do myself good & be of use to the person that employs me in a professional capacity as a farmer & profes'l gardener. I beg leave to state to your Lordship that I will bring the strongest testimonials of professional abilities from noblemen & gentlemen that I have lived with - my last situation was with the late Richard MEYLOR Esq whose extensive concerns came under my direction & as a most Honourable gentleman he before his much lamented death used all his means & interest to place me in a situation: that he considered me worthy of - in so much so I beg leave to say to your Lordship: that in July 1817 when the Honourable Mr NAPPIER was on a visit to Mr MEYLOR at Crawley house Hants, that there Mr MEYLOR gave Mr NAPPIER such a good character of me that Mr NAPPIER, who I understand is your Lordships nephew, was pleased to tell Mr MEYLOR he was sorry he had ingaged a steward & land bailiff to go to Ireland or he could have ingaged me. I also take the liberty to let your Lordship know that: I lived with the later Lord MONCK, with the late Richard REYNELL Esq, with James GIBBONS Esq & with the Lord Bishop of London Derry in Ireland & that I served my apprenticeship at Peter LA TOUCHES Esq & that I served in his Corps of Yeomanry free of expense to Government in the Rebellion of 1798 & after going to live to the late Lord MONCK. I served in the late Lord POWERSCOURTS Corps of Yeomanry free of expense to Government - these Noblemen and Gentlemen that I mention are well knowing to your Lordship. Lord CASTLEREAGH, Lord HARDWICKE & all the noblemen in the Kingdom. My Lord in wishing to go to the Cape my sole objects is to get a living by industry & [obscured]