MILLS, Daniel, 1820 Settler

National Archives, Kew CO48/44, 598


15 Aug't 1819

Mr DAWKINS of Richmond having advised me that he has wrote your Lordship recommending me as a Settler at the Cape of Good Hope & to which beg leave to refer your Lordship as also to inform you that I have got people as under agreable to printed circulars. Having been much abroad & mostly in the tropical & warmer regions where I have made much careful observation flatter myself that I may be found useful in the Collony about to be established & which appears to me in every point of view the most important & political that the habitable world affords to such a country as Great Brittain. I have the honour to be your Lordships most obed't hble serv't

Daniel MILLS

Henry WOOLCOTT, stonemason, bachelor

Thomas WOOLCOTT, carpenter, bricklayer, bachelor

William YOUNG, farmer

5 farmers from the country soon as the harvest is got in but can get them sooner if required.

Have got a wife

2 boys of 10 & 3 years of age

4 daughters of 15, 13 ½, 8 & 1 ¼ years of age

Making a total of 17 persons


9 Harley Street

Cavendish Square




National Archives, Kew CO48/44, 675


9 Sept 1819

Being recommended by James DAWKINS Esq of Richmond to your Lordships notice & attention, now take the liberty of annexing a detailed statement of the names, ages and numbers of men, women & children which I propose taking to the Cape of Good Hope according to the terms specified in the Circular letter, at same time assuring your Lordship that I am ready to conform myself to all the conditions upon which his Majestys government has offered the grant land in the Colony.

I have the honour to be your Lordships most obed hble servant

Daniel MILLS


9 Harley Street

List of men, women & children proposed to be taken to the Cape of Good Hope as under by Daniel Mills, London, 9 September 1819

Names Age Men Women Boys Girls
James CARTER 34 1      
Sophia CARTER his wife 33   1 1  
James CARTER his son 2        
Henry WOOLCOTT 24 1      
Thomas LAWRENCE 28 1      
Ann LAWRENCE his wife 32   1    
John HART 33 1      
Ann HART his wife 29   1    
William HART his son 3     1  
Ann HART, his daughter 9mo       1
James PORTER 32 1      
Sarah PORTER his wife 30   1    
Thomas WESTBROOK 38 1      
George LYNCH 30 1      
Mary LYNCH his wife 28   1    
Thomas LYNCH his son 9     1  
William LYNCH his son 6     1  
George CHAMP 28 1      
Mary CHAMP his wife 33   1    
Richard CRAMP 20 1      
Daniel MILLS 60 1      
Martha MILLS his wife 40   1    
Martha MILLS his daughter 15       1
Harriet MILLS his daughter 13½       1
Daniel MILLS his son 10     1  
Maria MILLS his daughter 8       1
James Dawkins MILLS his son 3     1  
Caroline MILLS his daughter       1
Men   10 7 6 5
Women   7      
Boys   6      
Girls   5      
Total   28