LAWFULL, William

No.1 Bakers Court

Whetstone Park

Lincolns Inn Fields

July 21st 1819

May it please your Lordship

Government having being pleased to offer such of His Majestys subjects liberty to go out to the Cape of Good Hope your Lordships supplicant by trade a Sawyer or willing to make himself usefull in any other servitude they might find proper having a Wife and Three Children and now out of Employ but can have a Recommendation from my last two Masters who at the Present have no Employment for me if it please your Lordship to refer to the above gentlemen, Mr. SEARLE No.1 John Street Golden Square and Mr. DALZIEL cabinett maker Great James Street Bedford Row. Should your Lordship be pleased to sanction this your servants pertition it would be considered a great obligation on

Your Lordship's most obedient and respectful servant