National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 399


September 1: 1819

The memorial of John GILBERT of Sandymount near Wicklow. Farmer.


That memorialist applied early in August for leave to proceed to the Cape, with settlers, but for want of form in the application or some other cause, instead of the expected leave he received two printed circulars which contained no information but what memorialist was already in possession of.

That memorialist again begs leave to propose taking upon himself the care of thirty individuals, some with, and some without families or any less number your Lordship may think proper to admit.

That memorialist wishes to act in strict conformity with his Majesty's regulations and earnestly requests he may not lose the opportunity of proceeding to the Cape as he has already missed his passage to the United States and memorialist as bound in duty

Will ever pray