National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 277

July 20 1819

Honour'd Sir

I take the liberty of writing to you as I am inform'd that some mechanics are wanted to go to the Cape of Good Hope and as I have served my time to a Smith and Engineer, aged 31 years and free from incumbrance and resides at No. 40 Crown St, Soho.

Sir I am with due respect

Your obliged humble servant


[on same page]

Honoured Sir

My name is Thomas SMITH by trade a Smith aged 24 years and resides at No. 6 Little St Andrew Street, 7 Dials, has a wife but no family and wishes to go to the Cape of Good Hope.

Sir I Remain Your

Most Humble Servant





National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 287

No. 40 Crown Street


July 22


I received your favour of a circular letter respecting the emigration to the Cape of Good hope (which I wrote for) & for which I humbly return you thanks. But in the perusal of the same I cannot learn in what manner I am to proceed (on my arrival there) in order to gain a livelihood or maintenence for myself & family, therefore shall thank you for a propper explanation to the same because I can form no idea in in [sic] what situation I shall be placed in on my arrival except to be placed in an unknown [territory] without any means of subsistence etc.

Therefore your full and clear diffinition or explanation to the above will greatly oblige Sir

Your most humble & obedient servant


NB I shall thank you for an imediate answer directed thus

No. 40 Crown Street, Soho