National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 411


Oct 11th 1819

Right Honourable Sir,

With profound respect for your exalted rank and station in life I take the liberty of informing you that a neighbour to me who has been bred up in the agricultural line has requested me to apply to your Lordship on his behalf for permission to emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope as a settler conformably with the terms proposed by the Government of this country. He has occupied a farm which turned out too large for his capital & obliged him to decline that business but he understands every branch of cultivation and is skilful in that of drainage & marshy soil. He is thirty six years old of a strong & healthy constitution & has a wife about the same age with four children under fourteen. His remaining property is from £10 to about £010 [sic] and he presumes with nine other able bodied men joining in the emigration if the requested permission be granted. If I have not erred in my mode of application an answer on condition of its being convenient agreeably as to the rules of Office as [provided] by your Lordship will be esteemed a high honour & very particular favor by a firm adherent to the present administration

Your Lordship's very respectful and obedient servant


Rector of Humber

County of Hereford