CLARKE, Charles

National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 187

11 Edward Street

Cavendish Square

Aug 11 1819


Finding it to be the determination of Government to enable persons to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope I would humbly beg to state it is my anxious wish to be one of those persons and having the life of my departed father in the war department Somerset House but at the ?direction? of that Establishment was with many others discharged and since then I have tried every means to support my family but in vain, I have owing to such failure experienced every species of distress it can be possible for me to meet with, My late father was an Architect and did business with many Noble Families, some of whom will should it be necessary say any thing in my behalf, should you Gentlemen wish an interview I will attend at any hour you may appoint, being particularly anxious to progress the plan intended by the Secretary of State.

I have for many years been accustomed to Gardening and no doubt should soon be enabled to follow the different branches of agriculture. My age is twenty seven, health very good with three young children.

Humbly begging your reply I remain Gentlemen

Your very obedient servant

Charles CLARKE