CHASE, James

19 July 1819


I have been engaged on a large scale in agriculture in Hampshire for some years on my own acc't and also at the same time a miller for several years. In respect of my character I can refer you to Sir Thomas MILLER Bart.(Frayle, near Alston, Hants.) As to my ability to conduct agriculture I can refer to some of the most emminent agriculturalist in the part of Hampshire where I occupied land.

I should be happy to have an appointment by you in one of those colonies if such a person should be wanted to lay out lands into farms and farms into fields, set out buildings &c for the use of those farms. I have been in many counties and agriculture always my study. I trust I could lay it out on the most improved plan. You will excuse my liberty and I remain waiting your reply

Your obdt hble sevt


Direct as opposite the weavers

Mint Street No.51