National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 320

Hanover Street, Cork

21st Sept 1819

My Lord,

Being a young man possessed of a small capital & having assurance of considerable property in some time, I should feel great pleasure in going to the Cape of Good Hope as a settler. I would be most thankful if your Lordship would inform me thro your Secretary of the means to be used.

Being second son to a clergyman of this city, now deceased, I was reared for the army; recommended to His Royal Highness the Duke of York by Lieut.Gen'l Lord FORBES I received a promise of a Commission but peace being established shortly after blasted my prospects as to obtaining a commission in His Majesty's Army, which is the very height of my ambition.

If your Lordship would grant me any situation at the Cape I could receive recommendations from the first families in the County & City of Cork & should be found a truly faithful servant.

I beg pardon for troubling your Lordship but with every respect I remain

Your Lordship's humble & most obedient servant