TURVEY, Edward, 1820

Written by Sue Mackay on .

National Archives, Kew, CO48/53, 393

[Undated, 1820]


Nothing pains me more than being forced to give trouble but in the situation I have been placed it becomes my duty to do every thing in my power for the Party going out under me. A Dilema occurs in the following manner: John KEMP, Sawyer and five children are going out with me. His eldest daughter Nancy KEMP aged fifteen has got married within the last 2 months to John SUTTON aged 17 years and Mr KEMP is in much trouble fearing his daughter will not go without her husband. Mrs WILLIE aged 26 wife of Mr WILLIE Carpenter has offered to remain at home for the present and join our party in 6 months if the Colonial office will have the goodness to permit John SUTTON to go in her place and I have been most particularly requested by overseers of the Parish of Burwash in Sussex to make known this Circumstance and their Ernest Entreaty that this may be complyed with - this will compleat our Party and make no difference in the number going out or in the amount of our deposit as it now stands having paid £185-0-0 and our party now making only the amount of


I have the honor to be, Sir

Your most obedient and most humble svt