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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

HART, Samuel Hood, 1829

National Archives, Kew, CO48/133, 128

Pummice, near Bridport, Dorset

7th July 1829

Hon'd Sir,

I may truly call myself an Orphan in this country having no Parents or Relations to apply to that will take care of me since my Grandfather's death, a particular friend of my late Grandfather's have taken me under his care some years past. I have a liberal education and have a Father and a Sister living at No.9 Buetinkant, Cape of Good Hope, and have a Brother there at the Frontier called Graff Rennet and my Father is very desirous of my being with him but he cannot raise Money sufficient to pay my passage.

I much wish and am very desirous of being with my Father and I have to beg you'll have the goodness to get me a free passage, and if I am granted the passage free you'll please to have the goodness to inform me of the time and place, when and where I am to embark and what will be necessary for my friend to provide for me previous to my leaving here. Your presenting this my request to the Hon'ble the Commissioners belonging to the Office will be ever gratefully remembered by your Honors

Most obd't & vary hbl svt

Samuel Hood HART

PS You'll please to ans'r this as soon as convenient.

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