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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

pre 1820 Settler Correspondence before emigration

ALL the 1819 correspondence from CO48/41 through CO48/46 has been transcribed whether or not the writers emigrated to the Cape. Those written by people who did become settlers, as listed in "The Settler Handbook" by M.D. Nash (Chameleon Press 1987), are labelled 1820 Settler and the names of actual settlers in the text appear in red.

PORTER, Edward

National Archives, Kew CO48/45, 171

Sept 1st 1819

My Lord,

I request your Lordship will have the goodness to inform me whether it is proposed by His Majesty's Government to send out a Schoolmaster with the persons emigrating to the Cape of Good Hope. If such is their intention I beg leave to offer my services and to state my pretensions. I am 31 years of age, have a wife % five children & we are all healthy. I have been regularly brought up to the profession by my father, the Rev. E. PORTER, who for more than 20 years kept a Boarding School for Young Gentlemen at Highgate in this County, with whom I lived as his assistant till he died in the year 1812. I continued his school in the same village for 4 years, and have for the last 3 years kept a school at No.8 Beech St Barbican, which I still conduct. Having lived in the country nearly all my days I am practically acquainted with Horticulture and understand a little of Farming. I can refer your Lordship for my character to R.L.STORKS Esq, 5 Highbury Place, Islington or to John SMITH Esq and Dr. DUNCAN of Highgate. An early answer will very greatly oblige, my Lord

Your Lordship's most obed't humble serv't


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