KEMP, John - Extra Data

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(member of TURVEY's Party)


According to The Settler Handbook, his deposit was paid by the parish of Burwash in Sussex


Death Notice (Cape Archives) says he was 63 when he died in 1853 but The Settler Handbook suggests he was older.


Family Search


John KEMP married Ann HINDS by banns on 1 October 1803 in Heathfield, Sussex


Children of John and Ann KEMP baptised in Burwash, Sussex

Nancy baptised 29 April 1804 

John baptised 25 December 1806 

Sophia baptised 12 November 1809 (born 21 August)

Thomas baptised 2 February 1812 (born 29 December 1811)

James baptised 1 May 1814 (father labourer)

Barbara baptised 28 April 1816 (father labourer)

William baptised 13 June 1819 (father sawyer)