BEGLEY, Gerrald - Extra Data


(member of INGRAM's Party)


Death Notice (Cape Archives) says he was born in County Limerick, Ireland, the son of Timothy BEGLEY and Ellen FITZGIBBON


Death Notice (Cape Archives) of his son Terence says he was born in Cork, which is where INGRAM's party was recruited. He died at the house of his brother Gerrald and predeceased both his parents.


Death Notice (Cape Archives)  for Margaret BEGLEY, wife of Gerrald Senior,  says she was also born in County  Limerick. Her children in 1861 are listed as  David, Joseph, John, Gerrald and Ellen.  The same children are listed on Gerrald BEGLEY's death notice in 1844, which also lists a Mary and a Catherine. It may be that Timothy, who appears on the settler return as emigrating with his wife Catherine, was Gerrald's son by a previous marriage (named after his grandfather) and that Catherine was actually his sister, just as Mary might have been the sister rather than the wife of David BEGLEY. Terence died in 1839 and so is not listed on either death notice. Joseph, John and Ellen are listed in The Settler Handbook as the children of Joseph and Mary BEGLEY