ATTWELL, Richard - Extra Data


(member of CRAUSE's Party


(see correspondence of Charles CRAUSE)


Family Search:


Richard, son of Richard and Lydia ATWELL, was baptised on 21 May 1771 in Battlesden, Bedfordshire

(Richard later called his farm in South Africa Battlesden)


Richard ATTWELL married Anne LABRUN on 30 July 1794 in Battlesden, Bedfordshire.


Children baptised Toddington, Bedfordshire (Family Search)

Mary Ann 17 June 1795

William 19 April 1797

Richard Labrun 21 June 1800

Edwin 28 February 1803

Sarah 26 June 1805

James 29 April 1807

Brooke 30 May 1809

John 27 May 1811 (presumably died in infancy)


Daughter Mary Ann did not emigrate in 1820 but joined her parents in 1826 with her husband William WELLS and sons William, Robert and Richard. See 1826 correspondence of Wm. SHEPHERD CO48/86