ADDAMS, James - Extra Data


(member of WILLSON's Party)


London Metropolitan Archives:


James ADDAMS, bachelor, married Harriet CURLING. Spinster, on 22 December 1819 at St.James, Piccadilly

Both signed their names.

Witnesses: Joshua MORRIS and Mary PAGE


From “Note and Queries” 8th S VIII AUG 1895 page 126

James ADDAMS married Harriet CURLING of Deptford (probably about 1819) and emigrated to the Cape of Good Hope, where he obtained some Government employment, about 1820. He is said to have died at the Cape, his widow and family subsequently returning to England; was “a perfect gentleman and a very handsome man”, The late W. COURTHOPE, Registrar and Somerset Herald, of the Herald's College, London (1808-1866) was a relative.